Willy Wonka's Got Nothing On Me

I'm pretty sure a diabetic would keel over just by walking across my threshold right now.

There is candy everywhere. EVERYWHERE. From the looks it, an entire regiment of Oompa-Loompas has set up shop in my kitchen.

How did it get this bad?

I bought two bags of candy late in September --
a 105-count bag of Blow Pops and a 290-count bag of Sweet-Tarts, Laffy Taffys, Nerds and Runts.

Late last week, I panicked. We have at least 40 kids in our neighborhood these days, I reasoned. I have enough candy for them. But what if we are flooded with adorable little visitors? What if the kids in our complex have friends over? What if I run out?

So I swung by Sam's Club and picked up a third bag. "Just in case," I told myself. "I won't open this one. I'll just keep it as insurance."

And last night?

We had seven trick-or-treaters. SEVEN.

Rumor has it that most of our neighbors took their kids to THE MALL to trick or treat in banal safety.

Meanwhile, Connor and Natalie trick-or-treated in our townhouse complex and were rewarded with handfuls of candy at each stop. Seems I wasn't the only person in our neighborhood to overestimate the amount of Halloween candy needed. Connor and Natalie actually had to come home every few houses to empty their buckets.

We even opened the door this morning to find one of our neighbors -- a single guy from India who appears completely amused at the Halloween frivolity -- handing us all the bags of candy he wasn't able to give out last night. He said he didn't want it in the house, and he figured we could use it.

Corey didn't have the heart to refuse him.

And that's how I ended up with 12 pounds of candy in my kitchen.

How many Operation Christmas Child boxes do you think I can fill?


  1. Some little one is going to be quite thrilled when he opens his box and sees nothing but candy eh?
    Who needs a toothbrush and pencils when you can have half a pound of laffy taffy.:)

    Good luck on ridding yourself of the excess.

  2. So will you absolutely hate me if I tell you we had over 100 trick-or-treaters? And that we typically hand out juice boxes, mini popcorn bags and non-edible treats like pencils? And that we ran out of everything and had to delve into my PMS candy stash to make it through the night?

    Oh... you will hate me? Okay, then... just pretend I never said any of that.

  3. Well if you've got Oompa Loompas around . . . . now THAT would be something :)

  4. I guess about 12 happy kids will get NOTHING BUT CANDY for Christmas. Maybe you could squeeze a toothbrush in there with it. Ha!

  5. We had so many kids come by that we actually ran out of candy. However, you should see how well my kids scored. I have to figure out what to do with it all!

  6. Whoa ~ that's quite the candy explosion you have there! Too bad you didn't have more Trick or Treaters.....you could send some of it my way! :)

  7. That will make for some awesome bags. My kids have about 4lbs of candy and they have choosen to trade most of it in for a book or toy of their choosing.

  8. Holy candy!

    We hardly get any trick or treaters. There's a thing at the city hall here (as you read) and everyone just goes there. So we never plan ahead and still get a few trick or treaters, then we panic and take candy from our boys' bags. Which is probably good, but Miles is a little shocked when we do it. :)

  9. Must get it out. Now.

    Operation Christmas Child is a great idea!

    But what to do with all the chocolate?

  10. Operation Christmas Child is a great idea, but I hear they don't want any of the chocolate kind. So please send that to Operation Nomad Child in Morocco. I'll send you our, I mean the, address ;)

  11. Gotcha beat. We had zero. But we don't usually have very many so I had just bought one lonely bag of M&M packs.

    Maybe TWO toothbrushes in each shoebox with all the candy?! LOL

  12. Hilarious! We didn't even make it out trick-or-treating and Orison has so much candy. And here I am trying to *lose* weight. HA!

  13. Even now as I read your post I am beginning to intercede on behalf of your childrens molars and biscuspids...I am requesting you do the same on behalf of mine. :)

  14. If you hate Tonggu Momma, you will hate me too when I tell you that we were at my mom's and they had 171 trick or treaters!! (maybe more.. when the hay rides pulled up it was difficult to count them all!) They always have a lot though. They live in a rural area and their road is a huge loop so it's really safe. I LOVE going to her house though and giving out candy! So much fun!
    My little guy (2 yrs) went T-or-T'ing for the first time. He got too much candy (although not quite as much as you!) so we'll be sending lots to Operation Christmas Child too!

  15. I open "Mom and Pop's Candy Shop" the morning after Halloween. I buy little toys and trinkets and my kids can "buy" them with candy. Some things are 10 pieces, some 5, and one (a movie they both wanted) cost them each half their candy. They end up with about 20 pieces or so left to eat, and I get rid of most of their candy stash.
    The problem, however, is then all the candy belongs to me!!

  16. That's too funny! You could just send your candy as extra - they always can use it as filler in the processing centers. Happy Monday!

  17. I hadn't thought of putting my extra candy in OCC boxes...what a great idea!

  18. Can you send a few to me too? My kids got all lollipops and no chocolate for me :( We had zero trick or treaters. But then again, we weren't home.