Election Reflection

I have to admit: I didn't wake up this morning with a pit in my stomach that signaled the world was about to end.

(I can't vouch for my sister. She lives in California, near San Francisco; thus, her exposure to The Crazy is about 250% more than mine. For the past six weeks, she's been making plans to move the family to our house in Tiny Town -- which is still on the market, in case you were wondering and/or looking for lake property. She's already decided that her husband will bring his gun to hunt deer, that the garden would need to be expanded to feed the extended family, that she would assume the homeschooling duties for the children in the compound if I would agree to cook. And all this was decided at 2:00 AM. She's nothing if not a Beaver.)

There's a part of me that feels I should be more concerned. After all, while I respect the process that gave President-Elect Obama his title and while I'm absolutely sure that God is in charge even today, I don't agree with many of the man's politics. Many of his views run completely contrary to my own, and he has now been given the right to enact those viewpoints.

But last night, I went to bed with a blanket of peace wrapped securely around my heart and my head, and this morning, I awoke with a smile on my face. (After I'd had my coffee, natch.)

Want to know why? Read the whole story over at 5 Minutes for Parenting.


  1. Obama just thinks he won.

    But you did, hands down!!

  2. I like how you said a blanket of peace! How cozy and comforting ;)

  3. This election has concerned me on many levels but I think what has worried me the most is the hope that we, as Americans, are placing on our new president. It is misplaced hope, hope we should be placing on Christ.

    Although I didn't vote for him, I think Obama will make a fine president. Although I disagree with his policies, I think he is a man of vision and conscience.

    I just hope we remember that he's the president, not the Messiah.

  4. That's a great post with a much needed perspective!

  5. Talked to you sister - asked if my dad was planning on living in Australia for a while, because she's thinking of moving there if things get too crazy. Ha ha.

  6. Thank you for putting words to my heart.

    I couldn't come up with them on my own.

    Only God can replace a sense of sickness with peace.

    He IS in control. He has to be.

    And He IS good. He has to be.

    He said He would be both.