Teyla past the ten-month mark on Sunday.


Making the time warp worse was the fact that my nephew -- whom I've only gotten to see once in the last 12 months, which breaks my heart -- turned one on Sunday. ONE!

He is the first child of my brother, Michael, and his lovely and hysterical wife, Julie. And he may be one of the cutest babies ever to be born.

Here he is just at just a few weeks old.

The face! I can't get over it!

And here is in at his party on Sunday.

With his Mom.

And his Dad. (Michael is just three years younger than me. I feel the need to point that out, since I will now feel younger by association.)

Looking at his birthday party pictures last night made me feel a nostalgic and time warpish. (It's a word now.) So I did what I often do when feeling a tug on the heart strings -- I pulled up my blog from exactly one year ago and read what I was thinking about 12 months hence. I posted over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today about what I was doing back then.

Adding to the sense of wistfulness is that my sister, who birthed the other cutest nephew on the planet almost two years ago, is now pregnant with her second. And TODAY is the all-important ultrasound where she finds out if she's having a girl or boy. (This post was about her, by the way. Corey's record lives or dies with Emily. The irony is rich and thick there.)

I just wish I was there in California with her to hear the news in person. I don't like all this living happening when I'm not around to experience it.

So there.

But I am blessed beyond measure to know that my siblings and nephews (and maybe a niece?) are living each day in love and health and security. Family is the best gift from God that I can imagine.

I guess that's why time seems to fly. We're just having too much fun.


  1. Thanks for including Jordan in your post and for all your nice words. We are looking forward to seeing you at Christmas!

  2. He is adorable. You have some cute genes in your family.

    I left a much less encouraging comment over at 5 Minutes! :-)

  3. My sister lives in NY a long way from Arkansas! I miss her and her kids too. Family is one of God's greatest gifts!

  4. Those pictures are too cute. It makes me wonder what my little Baby Charlie will look like...

  5. What blessings!

    And hey, time warpish isn't just a word, it's a way of life!

  6. My first time here, but I had to leave a comment because hh my goodness! That is one cute baby!

  7. He's a cute little fella, isn't he?
    My brother and sister-in-law are starting in on having babies and I wish they would MOVE BACK.

  8. Well, if missing your family was not enough reason to leave Minn - Al Franken should be.

    And that little boy is truly delicious.

  9. Okay, that first newborn picture is probably one of the cutest I've EVER seen. Which is saying a lot.

  10. They grow up all too fast! I found a picture of Aiden last night he was six months old...i teared up