Library Day

My head is stuffed with cotton and filled with deep thoughts tonight -- the product of sleep training a strong-willed child and me inhaling this book in a matter of days. I'll have much more to say about that .... soon. (I'd say "tomorrow," but we all know that's the kiss of death for a post. So I'll just say ... soon.)

But first, I need to show you what book Natalie checked out of the school library this week.

It's a Christian romance novel.

It's called "Loving Care," in case you can't make out the title due to all the pastel sweetness on the cover.

The back summary says (and I quote):
After the failure of her marriage many years ago, Christie Hanuman started over and vowed to remain single . . . until her ex-husband walked back into her life. Patrick had also changed, and was now raising his three-year-old son while also caring for his ailing father. Even more amazing to Christie, he had discovered a profound faith in God. Was this transformation a sign from above? And with so much history and love between them, could Christie dig deep into her soul and uncover the truth -- that she'd never stopped loving Patrick . . . and that this was a new chance at happiness?
It's sap at its strongest. Worse, Christian sap. (Sorry for the offense. Just goes against everything that is within me.)

Also? Natalie is seven. She's in second grade. Last year at this time, she couldn't read a Dr. Seuss book by herself.

When I pulled the paperback out of her school bag, we had the following conversation.

"Ummmm, Natalie? Is this the book you checked out of the library today?"

"Yes Mom," she said with a bright smile. "It's a chapter book. It's called 'Loving Care.' And I know we should be loving and we should care, so I checked it out."

Hard to argue with that.

Thankfully, the book was set aside immediately, as are most of the books she self-selects at the school library each week. (Last week's selection was a field guide to butterflies.)

As for me? I'll be stepping up my own loving care of Natalie this very month. If it's chapter books she wants, chapter books she will have.

Only none of the ones I'm choosing have pastel covers.


  1. "Loving Care" is SO a must read! I cried myself through through every chapter! Seriously.

    Natalie must get that sweet, sensitive, loving DNA from my side. That's my girl!

    Mr. Love Well

  2. Oh, what a dear she is! She needs to come visit me at the Library I work at...I'd help her find great books!

  3. Um, sorry. That's so funny.

    I can't read that stuff either. No offense to those that love the Christian romances, but I just.can'

    What a lovely cover though. So lovely.

  4. I am so with you on the sap/Christian sap thing. My girls both love the American Girl chapter books...have you thought about that series?

  5. Hey, there's nothing wrong with Christian sap! It's the best when you need something that requires virtually no brain-power. A good thing when you have none to spare!

    We love the Narnia books, and the American Girl books are fun too. Another great choice is Geronimo Stilton. They even make me laugh out loud.

  6. That will definitely be my Ella in a few years. I'd like to also recommend The Four Story Mistake. Really great book.

  7. I have been reading your blog for a while, but don't know that I have ever commented.
    I totally agree with you!! I read "Mandie" books when I was your daughter's age and loved them. I found them on amazon (
    It is a Christian mystery series about a young girl.

  8. HA! That is so funny!

    I read all of the Love Comes Softly series when I was around her age. I loved that cheesy business.

    Bless her sweet little heart.

  9. I second the Mandie series! I loved them! I might just have to see if I can revisit some of them now that they've been brought to memory!

  10. Sounds like a sweetie!! I sense a foretaste of things to come ... my daughter is just three, but they say it goes fast! :-)

  11. And I know we should be loving and we should care, so I checked it out."

    Ok, this is why we blog. To remember quotes like that!!

  12. Other books your daughter may enjoy are by Madeline L'Engle. A Wrinkle in Time Series is wonderful, she has another series about the Austins (whoever they are, never read much of those).

    I really wanted to comment that I was tagging you on my blog. You have blessed me. Thanks.

  13. Ok, Kelly - I just saw your comment over at The Preachers Wife and now I am laughing hysterically that you actually read this book. Pastel sweetness and all. :)