7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)

In case you don't read Conversion Diary -- and really, if you don't, I'm not sure we can be friends anymore; go subscribe right now -- I'm participating today in Jennifer's new Friday blog carnival.

------ 1 ------

It's bright and sunny out today. Naturally, it's bitter cold. The digital weather station I got Corey for Christmas last year (it was for him; I swear) said it was 10 degrees outside.

That's right. Ten.

It's winter's catch-22: You want sun? Fine. It's going to be so cold your jeans will creak when you run your daughter across the parking lot to school. What? It's too cold for you? No problem. Here come the clouds. It will be gray and dismal and dreary until you wish someone would sell you a butter knife and make dotted lines across your wrist.

------ 2 ------

Several of you have asked via e-mail or Twitter how Teyla is sleeping these days. My assessment is that the sleep training is working. But it's slow going.

She is no longer nursing to sleep, most of the time. (Sometimes I just can't catch her before she nods off.) She will fall asleep in her crib without me holding her, although I do still sit next to the crib and remind her to lay down (either verbally or physically) so as to encourage the sleep.

But she's still waking up multiple times each night, and sometimes, she wakes up and is very alert. For example, this morning she woke up at 5:30 and was ready to go for the day, babbling and looking at her fingers and making homemade movies on her little Mac. She eventually went back to sleep by 6:45, but she was up again (and CRANKY) at 7:00.

So we're making progress. But I'm still relying on coffee far more than I like to make it through the day.

And let's not even talk about the napping. It's Phase 2 of the Great Sleep Project.

------ 3 ------

I completely agree with Jennifer's take on Facebook (#6 on her list). I joined the Facebook cult a few weeks ago, after my family lovingly told me I might want to get with the 21st century.

But like Jennifer, I have zero interest in "finding" any people from my past, nor do I want them to find me. So I'm very hidden on Facebook, and so far, I only use it to keep in touch with my family and my real-life friends (and a few blogger friends who found me before I pulled out my super secret identity).

It's a fun way to keep in touch, but as someone who is already fighting to keep the computer from consuming her, I am playing very coy with it.

------ 4 ------

I'm trying to finalize my Thanksgiving menu today, a task that is both agony and ecstasy. Thanksgiving dinner is a meal of traditions, not easily refined. No one wants to see a huge fish gracing the table next Thursday, for example. But as a cook, I always want to try something new.

So today is the day. I've been clipping recipes for month, auditioning them in my mind. Today I make the final cut. Should I go with the traditional sweet potato praline casserole? Or should I go with the lighter, roasted harvest vegetables? Should I stick with plain pumpkin pie? Or try the pumpkin-chocolate cheesecake pie? Do I make Pioneer Woman's mashed potatoes? Or Martha Stewart's mom's?

Decisions, decisions.

I'm in heaven.

(Jeni over at One Thing posted a very funny tribute to her foodie sister earlier this week. She captured how I feel about Thanksgiving perfectly. Food is my spiritual gift.)

------ 5 ------

Given that I'm slightly excited about Thanksgiving, you might think I've been loving the "Dear Food Network: Thanksgiving" specials. You would be right. I stumbled on the dessert episode Wednesday night, and I'm still lusting after a piece of Alton Brown's pear-cranberry pie. And Ina Garten's nontraditional mixed berry cheesecake? Wow. I've never made a cheesecake before. But I'm mighty tempted to try it after I saw that one. (But for Christmas. I can't NOT make pie for Thanksgiving. Tradition, remember.)

------ 6 ------

I checked out a stack of books at the library last week, the first time I've checked out anything for myself in about a year. (Who has time to read when you have a blog and three kids?) I immediately devoured Tony Campolo's "Letters to a Young Evangelical." I don't agree with Mr. Campolo's viewpoint on many things. But he's a spectacular thinker and communicator, and I believe he's very much a prophet, calling the modern Western church to get back to the basics of Christianity and not be swayed away by the siren call of political power or too much Western thinking. I recommend it.

------ 7 ------

The sad truth? It's taken me almost six hours to write this post, thanks to constant but sweet interruptions. Which means I'll barely get it posted while it's still Friday. So that clunky title, Jennifer? How about Saturday Seven?


  1. Food is my spiritual gift too! In fact, butter is my hobby. So glad to meet my sistah from anothah motha...or whatever sounds cool now.

  2. Hey Kelly! Sorry I haven't commented here in a while... Oh, but I'm going to be making a cheesecake tomorrow and it's surprisingly VERY easy. Let me know if you want the recipe. I got it from one of my foodie friends.


  3. (Er, actually I have commented...just suffering from a momentary lapse of memory.) :)

  4. Yes, i loved those specials. Especially the dessert one. (Wait, was it you I twittered to about it? Pregnancy brain can't remember.) I keep watching food network and reading food blogs, even though with this baby due, I don't expect to do any cooking. And even though I keep gently suggesting to hubs that he let me in the kitchen to do some make-ahead stuff, he won't have it. Something about the potential fire hazard...

  5. I am so thakful that food is not my spiritual gift or being married to my man would be challenging. He'd prefer grilled cheese for Christmas thankyouverymuch. But I do love reading about food. Since I eat grilled cheese for Christmas. It's nice to read about how everyone else does it.
    facebook scares me.
    I already need to cut down my computer time. So, I've avoided it like the plauge.

  6. Love, love, LOVE those Food Network specials! Great post, Kelly. 7 Quick Takes are fun, aren't they?

  7. I am totally with you on the Thanksgiving food dilemma. I love to try new things but I am afraid people will revolt if I mix it up!! You know the sky might crash down if you dare deviate from the Campbell's green bean casserole recipe!!!

  8. I was so excited to see that you participated! Also, thanks for the kind words.

    Your Thanksgiving dinner sounds soooooo good, BTW.



    YOU WON A CD! YOU WON A CD!!!!!!!

  10. Could I ask a question about how you are sleep training Teyla? I'm dealing with the same thing over here (I think I left you a comment once before, maybe at 5MFP), and I am just completely stuck at breaking her from falling to sleep nursing and can't get her to fall asleep on her own in the crib for ANYTHING! I'd love some tips...I have tried the techniques in "The No Cry Sleep Solution" and they just weren't working -- either that or I wasn't consistent enough. She just cries and cries if I do anything but nurse. And we repeat this multiple times through the night as well. I am just so scared it will never get better! I enjoy reading your posts so much -- and I hope you get some sleep soon!

  11. You get extra blogging points for persistence :)