The Band in My Utensil Drawer

As I was making dinner last night, Connor started sorting through my utensil drawer, on the hunt for “musical instruments for his band.”

He pulled out a solitary chopstick.

“It’s a baton,” he explained.

Next up, my wooden rolling pin.

“A guitar,” he grinned.

My favorite tongs?

“A snapper,” he said, clicking the two pinchers together.

A cookie dough scoop?

“A skoozer,” he said emphatically.

(I don’t ask questions.)

Then my long-forgotten wine bottle opener, a relic from the days I worked at Friday’s and Olive Garden.

“A gun,” he solemnly said.

Because goodness knows, every band needs a gun. Those groupies can get out of control.

My post at 5 Minutes for Parenting today is also about when cooking and parenting collide. Sort of. It's a little esoteric. Go see for yourself.


  1. Love the creative genius of a band-maker. The skoozer is what will really set this group apart:-)

  2. Kelly, come on, you must know you use a skoozer to play a gun. come on now. :o)

  3. With little boys, it all eventually leads to guns, doesn't it? No matter what you avoid buying.

    With his kitchen band, was he gonna play "Chopsticks" or Chopin?

  4. when I first read this post I misread Connor and thought it was Corey doing all of that. I was a little concerned. Made much more sense on the second reading.
    Doesn't every band have a gun?

  5. I wonder what skoozer lessons run these days?

    He's a little charmer.

  6. Sorry to hear about the Thanksgiving drama. Makes celebrating with thanksgiving hard when there is drama going on. Hang in there!

  7. He kills me...and he's growing up so fast! :( I, too, thought it said Corey at first, but knowing him, I just raised my eyebrows, smiled, shrugged, and thought "hmm, who knew?"

  8. My girls pull out wooden mixing spoons and pie pans and call it a "noise parade." It is aptly named.

    I tagged you for a meme.

  9. Oh, my two little ones love creating their own homemade band. Every time they get to playing I can't help but smile.

    with blessings,

    Minister Mamie