Bonbon Charms Photo Ornament Giveaway

Updated one more time to announce Sarah from themommylogues is the winner! Congrats Sarah. And thanks to Erica at Bonbon Charms for providing such a beautiful and elegant prize. Remember: The 20% code (LOVEWELL) is good through Friday.

Updated to add: It seems like traffic has been extraordinarily light over Thanksgiving weekend, so I'm leaving comments on this giveaway open until 7:00 PM Central tonight. Winner will be announced shortly thereafter. So you still have time. Tell your family! Tell your friends! Merry December!

The last few years, I've fallen out of love with Christmas kitsch.

That's saying something, because when we moved from California five years ago, I had at least four huge tubs of Christmas paraphernalia. Mismatched stockings, ceramic snowmen, Christmas dishes, the cheese knives that looked like pine cones, I had everything Target had ever clearanced. Most of it wasn't even my style anymore -- if it ever had been. It was just clutter I had accumulated, which I was then obligated to scatter around my house each December.

So I got rid of it.

Not all of it. Not immediately. But slowly, each year, a few more trinkets made their way to the Salvation Army or the dustbin.

The only box unscathed during the purge was the gigantic box of Christmas ornaments. My ornaments aren't just decorations to me; they are cherished memories.

I believe I mentioned last year during BooMama's Christmas Home Tour that my Mom started a tradition when my siblings and I were young; she gave each of us a personalized ornament each Christmas to commemorate a significant event that had taken place in our lives the previous 12 months. (Examples of what I'm talking about are halfway through that post.) The beauty of this particular tradition is that, when the child grows up and moves out, the ornaments go with them -- a sweet reminder of their childhood and a treasure trove for their own kids each year when it's time to decorate the tree. "What's this one, Mom?" "Well, it's from the year we got our dog...."

And that's the rather long back-story to the fabulous giveaway I'm doing this weekend. (It's my own contribution to Black Friday.) Perhaps you've heard of Bonbon Charms. Erica's day-to-day business is designing vintage, silver charms for bracelets and necklaces.

This year, she's also handcrafting Christmas ornaments, including personalized ones and -- my favorite -- photo ones. And because she's awesome (and the sister of one of my BBFF), she's agreed to give a photo ornament to one lucky reader of this blog.

To enter, you need to go to Bonbon Charms, do a little shopping and then come back here and tell me about your favorite Bonbon. And do it fast, because I'm choosing a winner on Monday, December 1 (which is supposedly the Internet's version of Black Friday, only without the insanity).

If you love what you see -- and you will -- you can also get 20% of your order by using the discount code LOVEWELL when you checkout. But be aware -- to get it delivered by Christmas, you'll have to place your order no later than Friday, December 5. That's not much time. Order early. Order often.

Personally, I can't wait to add a
Bonbon ornaments to my collection. Unlike the faux bronze decorative reindeer and the music box carousel, this is one piece of Christmas that will be treasured for years to come.


  1. I love the double photo charm. If only she could figure out a way to put 3 photos so I could have one of each of my boys!

  2. I love the idea of keepsake ornaments. It's Saturday, and the internet connection is so slow today here in Morocco that I can't get bonbon charms to open, but I am sure I would love a photo ornament to commemorate this year, in all its ups and downs. (Don't worry about shipping--I have a US address)

  3. Oh my. That stuff is right up my alley. I have to think of the gifts I want to get and get ordering. Thanks for the LEAD :)

    I love the sugar drop necklaces. You'll notice the one with the crown-I love that one because um...of our last name :) What fun!

    And I love the charm bracelets.

    And I love the necklaces.

    And the picture ornaments are SO cute.

    I love it there. Gotta go back now. What a fun giveaway!

  4. I love the Stay Warm and Cozy ornament. (We pretend a lot here in Texas!) The photo ornaments are sweet, but my kids are of an age where it's hard to get that picture.

    Such sweet charms and ornaments all around!

  5. My favorite is the Joy Sugar Drop charm ornament.

  6. I loved the BonBon charms.. especially the dictionary ones.. I'd like an F for Faithful.. or G For Grace or something fun like that! Those were great!.

  7. Love the bracelets and the sugar drops and the vintage Santas and a whole bunch of other stuff!

  8. I love the Photo Ornament with Caption. So sweet! I just love Bonbon Charms!

  9. What wonderful ideas for gifts! I love discovering new sites...thank you! I liked the heart or initial suger drops, and the "friend" or distressed initial geometriques, and the petit fours bumblebee. And the vintage Christmas ornaments. Really...I liked everything on her site! Now to make my list...who's been naughty or nice...


  10. I love the photo ornament with captions. So cute! I am trying to let go of some inherited um... c.r.a.p. here as well. I'm a pack rat. The pack rattiest pack rat. But if I ever, ever hope to move to a new house in the remainder of my life, some of it has got to go!

  11. I love the double photo charm, but I have to say I also love the family photo ornament!

  12. I like the Love Bug charm, and the Dictionary charms. I could easily spend a lot of money in a store like this...

  13. I like the sugardrops necklaces, especially the bird.

    Very nice stuff!

  14. Christmas kitsch is out the window at my house too. Or more appropriately, all still down in the boxes from my mom in the basement, never to be unpacked again. I throw out a bowl of colorful ornaments and hang some garland. Much more my style.

    Anyway! Loved the photo charm with caption, what a great idea for a family to do every year. Also, thought the Joyeux Noel ornament with the from: and to: caption would make a really great hostess gift for taking to holiday parties.

    Great giveaway, Kelly! Thanks :)

    (and thanks for twittering it so I remembered to come and comment, I believe over the weekend I was too lazy to leave my google reader to actually, GASP!, take the time to comment!)

  15. I love the photo ornament with the caption. I wish my funds were endless - those would make a fabulous replacement for my plain old Christmas cards! :)

  16. I have to say that I love the Santa Teacher ornament, mostly because I would have loved to receive one of those when I was teaching.