Sprinkles in the Forecast

In honor of my friend Sonjia and her new baby girl Ahnnalie, I'm throwing two baby showers this weekend -- "sprinkles," if you will, since celebrations for a second (or in this case, third) baby tend to be smaller affairs.

But while we are toning down the gifts, we are not toning down the party. Because this is a brand new life that's entered the world here -- and a female at that. Ahnnalie is a true answer to prayer.

So here's where I could use a little help. I'd like to make a CD for Sonjia
-- a collection of lullabies and other sweet songs celebrating girls and the mother-daughter relationship. (Can you tell I grew up in the 80s when making a mixed tape for a friend was a true sign of friendship?!?) Do any of you have song suggestions for me? Right now, my short list -- and it's a short list -- includes "Hold On To Jesus" by Erin O'Donnell and "You're My Little Girl" by Go Fish. I also love "The Keeper" by Geoff Moore; I just need to find the version where he says "watch over this little girl tonight" instead of "little boy."

I've also considered the whole "Sing Over Me: Worship Songs" CD. But Sonjia goes to a pretty traditional church and isn't as familiar with contemporary worship songs as I am. Does anyone out there have personal experience with this CD?

I'm also open to other baby shower ideas -- especially cupcake recipes for an over-the-top pink "sprinkle."

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might share! I'll be sure to reciprocate with pictures next week.


  1. I seem to remember that Sarah at In the Midst of It likes the Sing over Me CD. Maybe I'm mistaken, but I thought I read about her listening to that...or it might be her friend Erin at Embracing My Cup. Now I'm all confused... :)

    As for girlie songs - Martina McBride has several girl songs - "In my Daughter's Eyes" and "this one's for the girls" and I believe that there is a song called "she's a Hero." I know they're not worship songs, but they do celebrate women's relationships.

    What a sweet idea to honor your friend! I'd love to be the recipient of a gift so thoughtful!

  2. If you listen to country at all, I'm sure you've already thought of "I hope you dance" by leeann womack. :)

    Butteryfly Kisses is a cute one too, but it's more of a daddy / daughter one.

    Here is an AMAZING website devoted JUST to cupcakes. I go here all the time and just sit with a bucket under my mouth to catch all the saliva. Warning. Only go here if you have at least a few minutes, preferably a few hours. :) Don't be intimidated by some of her "exotic" cupcakes. She has some fabulous recipes for plain ones as well. I have tried her vanilla and it is the best I've ever eaten.


  3. you might also try familyfun.com...they have cute ideas for parties, etc...

  4. Kelly, I threw my sis a shower a few months ago and made a super cute diaper cake. Have you seen them? It made for the cutest, most functional decoration/centerpiece ever. Now that we can email you :)... I'll shoot a picture of it your way. Also, I have Twila Paris' Bedtime Prayers CD and it has some really sweet songs on there. I've sung them with both of my girls ever since before they were born. You might check it out. Also, the Dixie Chicks have a fairly recent Lullaby song that is just the sweetest thing. If I think of other songs, I'll shoot them over with that cake picture! :)