Dazed and Confused

Ever have one of those weeks when you just can't get it together?

I'm in the midst of one right now.

It all started with a major change to my weekly schedule. For the past three years or so, Mondays have been my Cleaning Day -- the day I forgo all other activities and stay home to clean the kitchen, dust the bedrooms, vacuum the carpets, Swiffer the hard wood, change the sheets, do the laundry and generally let my OCD tendencies rule the roost. It's become such a deeply ingrained part of my routine, I actually look forward to Mondays, simply because I like having one day each week that's predictable and quiet and I'm not running around.

But. But. This week, my dear friends, I did not clean my house on Monday. I cleaned it on Wednesday, in preparation for a 10-day visit from my family.

(Pause here for Kelly to regain her bearings.)

And ever since, I've been off my game.

So please forgive the light blogging this week and what will surely be even lighter blogging the next few days. I'm just dazed and confused.

Plus, I might be pregnant. Stay tuned.


  1. That was just not nice how you threw the BIG thing in at the end!

    Wowee! Congrats (maybe). : )

    Enjoy your family's visit. I am right there with you. I have been "spring" cleaning the last 5 days and will continue into next Wed or Thurs. My family gets here Friday. It will be a relief when they get here so that I can just relax and have fun! :)

    Hugs, Michelle

  2. Don't leave us hanging with a cliffhanger for 10 days!!!!!!!!!!

    Congratulatins if you are pregnant.

  3. enjoy your family. I wish I could peek in and say hello too! And if you have any big news in regards to your last line, I expect a PHONE CALL!!!!

  4. I understand the cleaning schedule. My spring has been a bit "off", too - with a new baby, but it used to be that Fridays were my cleaning day. I love hitting the weekend with a clean house! So - it was pretty surprising to me when I headed in to take a shower yesterday morning and emerged 3 hours later with both bathrooms scrubbed and spotless!

    And girlfriend, if you're pregnant - that just explains it all, doesn't it? How easy it is to feel "off"!

    Keep us posted!!!

  5. I know you didn't just drop the 'oh I might be pregnant' bomb and then leave ! Surely there is something in the blog etiquette book that says you just can not do that! :)

    take care of yourself and don't work too hard...:))

  6. Kelly - CONGRATS, maybe? Keep us posted!!!

  7. Well now, THAT'S news--

    And I know what you mean about the schedule, if I don't get my regimen in it throws off my groove.