I Do Not Miss School

Do you remember the feeling?

The days are getting warmer, the sun is setting later. The nearness of summer is agonizing. School is almost out. But not quite.

Maybe because it was such a strong emotion for me, I remember it like it was yesterday. (Which is most certainly was not.)

I remember sitting in geometry class my sophomore year in high school and staring at the clock , willing the second hand to tick faster, while the flies buzzed at the window screen and small planes droned overhead. "Move faster. Move faster! I can't take it anymore!"

I was so desperate for summer, I was practically drooling. Desperate for freedom. Desperate for sleeping in and sleeping over. Desperate for the chance to spend 14 hours a day at the beach and to eat nothing all day but Skittles and Mountain Dew. (Or maybe M&Ms and Coke. Those were the two best flavor combinations.)

And then, as if the waiting wasn't excruciating enough, we had finals to overcome.

Which is why this comic made me laugh out loud this morning. LAUGH OUT LOUD, I tell you.

I'm so thankful I'm not in school anymore. I love learning, but May takes all the fun out of it.


  1. Oh that was a cute cartoon! I remember that feeling too. And didn't like it either.

    Come on summer!

  2. Yes, my kids were cheering today for the last day of school and I realized I'd forgotten how good it felt to be released.