Random Bits

1. I love how kids use what they know to communicate concepts they aren't sure how to verbalize. For example, a few weeks ago my daughter said, "Mom, my muscles are so big. They are like ... 100!"

But even better was this past Wednesday, when my three-year-old son, who is potty training, insisted he wanted to use the Big People Potty in the restroom at Olive Garden -- a device he'd never used before, even at home. Both shocked and proud, I helped him complete his mission. He slid off the toilet and flushed (with his hands covering his ears; "IT'S SO LOUD, MOM!"). Then he stopped, reached behind himself and said, with a strange look on his face, "Mom ... my nose is running down here."

And sure enough, there was a runaway drip that had escaped the toilet paper.

2. As mentioned in a previous post, my husband and I celebrated 14 years of marriage on May 1. He came home that night with this bouquet of tulips - one for every year. That man
does know the way to my heart.

This is my favorite post of the last few days. It made me laugh right out loud. And truly, you must read it to get it. Big Mama is a great writer, and I can't duplicate her magic. To wit: I've tried to re-tell the story to at least five of my friends this past week -- and every single one of them ended up staring at me as I fell into hysterics, slapping my legs and wiping my eyes, and saying something like, "Ummmm. OK. If you say it's funny, Kelly, I believe you. But truly. You're weird." So read it for yourself, OK?

4. Have you noticed my new blog design, by the way? It unveiled quite mysteriously before my very eyes a few weeks ago, the product of a very talented Jules over at Everyday Design.

In honor of Mother's Day, Jules is giving away -- for FREE -- a blog makeover for the blogger of her choice. Just click the button. It will take you to her page where she has all the 411 about entering.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh my goodness. Your kid's comments have me giggling out loud this morning. They certainly do say the funniest things. :)

    Loved your tulips! What a beautiful shade.

    Hope your weekend was relaxing and fun.

    Love, Michelle

  2. Thanks for your comment.

    We used to live near Minnesota, in Grand Forks to be more specific. We used to love going to the lakes there in the summer.

    And my husband and I are hitting 15 years together this June--can you tell I've been reading your sidebar?

  3. Thanks for posting that link to the McD's float. TOO FUNNY!

    Your kids' comments were so cute. Don't you love how their minds work?!

  4. Hey Neighbor!

    You've been tagged! Wanna play?


  5. Kelly, you are a talented writer. I love reading your posts and so glad that you joined the blogger world!!

  6. Hi Kelly,

    More stories (like the runny nose) about the kids please :) How funny.