Wow. That's High!

My daughter Natalie and I were swinging side by side earlier this week, on one of those perfect Minnesota spring evenings. We were having a "swing race" to see who could pump their legs faster and make their swing sail higher.

The following conversation then ensued:

Natalie: "Mom, I'm going so high, I'm touching the clouds!"

Mom (not to be outdone): "Oh yeah? I'm so high, I'm touching the stars!"

Natalie: "I'm so high, I'm touching the Lord!"

Seeing as she's never used that particular phrase before, I almost doubled up with laughter. ("What's so funny, Mom?") And I think I lost my edge in the contest from that point on.


  1. Aw, that is very sweet. And a perfect story for Mother's Day. :) Have a very happy one tomorrow.

    Hugs, Michelle

  2. Love it! Something tells me the Lord was touching you right back.:))

    Happy Mothers Day!


  3. What a crack up. Evy's big thing right now is "I love you more than....heaven" I'm so glad that heanve is the very best thing she can think of. :o) I'm trying to store up all these times for the lean middle school years. :o)
    happy mother's day, Kel. I love you!