Tough Guy

Hey you.

Yeah. You.

Wanna piece of this?

Just kidding! I'm such a prankster.

(Although I do recommend my fist. It's the perfect mid-afternoon snack.)

What's that?

You think I'm cute in my tank top, even with the chubby arms and the double chin?

Get out!

You're the best! I love you too!


  1. oh my goodness those pictures are adorable!!!!

  2. Nothing makes my ovaries ache like seeing the pictures of your cuties! How amazing God is in His marvelous creation! And thank you for sharing such goodness with us.

  3. He's so big! And I love his fuzzy head. I can't wait to meet my son in a few weeks!

  4. Oh my goodness! I could just bite those cheeks (but in a good way). So precious.

  5. so absolutely sweet :) can't wait for the next 20 weeks to pass and meet my new angel

  6. Give him a big squeeze for me! :) So stinkin' adorable.

  7. He is too cute! And the first picture looked like he was holding a flower in that fist! (The flower on the banket.)

  8. I'm a little late in leaving a comment on this post, and I know that I should talk about the 'adorableness' of this baby, but....that just goes without saying!! I have to comment on the caption with each picture...absolutely HILARIOUS!! I've read them a couple of times, and they still crack me up! They were PERFECT!! :-) Thanks for the good laugh!