She's Not Cute. She's Teyla.

Teyla has become quite the literalist.

Lately, if I say to her, "You are so cute in that outfit" or "I'm so glad you're my girl" or "You are getting so big!" she will look me straight in the eye and say, with a serious expression and a slightly furrowed brow, "No Mommy. I no cute (or girl or big). I Te-ya."

It's comical. But it's also understandable. How can one two-year-old be so many things? It's easier to simplify and just be Te-ya.

She's also intrigued by the fact that I'm both Mommy and "Keddy," which I wrote about at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. You can catch the whole story there.


  1. Sweet story, both here and at 5 Minutes.

    Teyla = Cute!

  2. Ah, yes. I have a 2yo too. He is Kieran. Not cute. Not funny. Kieran. :)

    I'm impressed that she knows your name. We had a discussion the other night during which I learned that everyone else has a first, middle and last name...and I'm just "Mommy" :)

  3. My son went through a "I'm note cute" stage at that age. I got him this book (which I will probably keep forever because of the memory): I’m Not Cute