The Summer of No Naps

Teyla, bless her heart, has given up napping for the summer.

(Bless my heart, while you’re at it.)

It’s not that she doesn’t need the sleep. She’s a whiny, temperamental drama queen by 5:00 PM most days. It’s more that conditions aren’t right for napping right now. There’s too much noise, fun, craziness, hoopla to sleep in the middle of the day. And I don’t have the time to lay down with her and coax her toward dreamland, as I used to do before Kieran was born.

So she stays awake most days, and we muddle along and give extra grace during the pre-dinner meltdowns and wait for blessed September when routines make their return.

Still, she is tired. (Bless her heart.) If I can time our daily activities so we are driving home around 1:30 PM, she will zonk out in the car for a brief respite. Occasionally, she’ll lay down on the floor right at lunchtime and fall asleep with a Little People figurine tucked under her chin.

Or she might do what she did yesterday, which is to resist the nap all the way until 4:30 PM, at which point she suddenly yawned and curled up into a ball and built an invisible chrysalis around herself, and nothing I could do would rouse her, not even rubbing her back and moving her arms and legs and whispering sweet promises of ice cream into her ear.

She didn’t wake up until 6:00 PM, when dinner was almost ready and her Daddy was on his way home.

I know I shouldn’t have let her nap that late. I should have tried harder to wake her up after just a short snooze. Or maybe I shouldn’t have let her indulge the sleepy at all.

But the quiet. It was so blissful. And I love to watch her sleeping, a sprite with curly hair and peaceful breaths resting on my sofa.

I paid for it later, when she was wide awake and singing at 10:30.

But to be honest, I didn't really care.

Because she needed that. And so did I.


  1. My toddler's given up napping right now, too. And oh, how we both need. Thirteen-fourteen straight hours with children and not even a respite while I'm showering gets so very, very tiring. I will be beyond thrilled when her final molar comes in and naps once again are part of our daily routine.

  2. Isn't that so true? You *know* that nap is going to mess with bedtime, but then in that moment it is soooo going to be worth it.

  3. I am sooooooooo there on the pain of dropping naps. AJ dropped hers SO much earlier than Dacey did. It was a really hard transition! Even still (she's three in a few weeks), she gets super crabby before bed. And she'll still crash out on the couch every now and again.

    We're getting there.

    (But I have to fully confess to fully enjoying her 7 PM - or earlier! - bedtimes!)

  4. This made me tired reading it.

    And if you'd just move down here, school would be starting next week!

  5. My 3 yr old gave up his nap as well, right now he get's sleepy right at dinner, and 8 out of ten times he will fall asleep at the dinner table :(

    I am soo ready to get back on some type of schedule, this mama needs some quiet :D

  6. We also had a summer of no naps. And if I don't become more consistent, it'll be a fall of no naps too. For her anyway. I have to have one everyday!

  7. As you know from our brief Twitter discussion my 2 yo has been having nap issues too. She will lay down most days, but her nap is not long enough due to her siblings being awake. She is also going to bed too late and waking too early, but we can't get around that-there is nowhere to put her that she wouldn't be woken by us. School started today and she took a two hour nap! I had to wake her up to pick up the other kids. I was sad to do it.

    I hope y'all get through these last few weeks and that she is able to get into a nap routine once school starts.

    Oh, and I say any sleep is worth it, regardless of when it occurs!