We were running late for church on Sunday morning.

With only 15 minutes to go until we needed to leave, Corey was getting dressed, I was getting out of the shower and the kids were playing downstairs.

“You’d better get the kids up here,” I called from the bathroom. “They’ve don't have long to get ready.”

Corey shouted down for the kids to come up. I knew, without looking, that Connor was the last one up the stairs. The boy has a hard time staying on task lately, especially when we need him to hurry. “Focus, Connor! Focus!” Corey constantly says. But it doesn’t do much good. Connor is just too six-year-old-boy to focus.

So Sunday, Natalie was dutifully brushing her teeth and Corey was changing Teyla’s diaper and Connor was … well, Connor was doing his usual thing, which is to play good guy-bad guy with his shirt and shorts. “Focus Connor! Focus!” Corey barked.

And so it continued. Corey hurried, Connor tried but failed to stay on task. I know this drill; it’s like trying to push Jell-O.

Finally, we were in the car (and only five minutes late). Corey was obviously frustrated. But he didn’t say: “We have got to do something to light a fire under Connor,” or “Does he not listen? How many times did I tell him to hurry?”

Instead, he turned to me and sighed and said, “We’ve got to give Connor more than 15 minutes to get ready. I should have called him up sooner. He’s only six. I hate riding him like that.”

Corey is a great dad.


  1. Good point, Corey!! I need to be more patient with my almost-4yo daughter, and just accept her dawdling nature. She cannot simply go out and climb into the car; she has to look at an ant on the porch, pick up a twig, look for that caterpiller she saw last time, look for the moon/sun/stars, and jump on each of the stepping stones. THEN she can get in the car.

    I shouldn't try to rush her into the car, or I might end up rushing her childhood away.

  2. Love this! Do you mind if I link to this post on my blog?

  3. Oh, that's sweet. Corey remembers what it's like to be a little boy.

  4. That is the definition of a great dad! I think that we can all learn lessons from this. It is our job as parents to make changes and to ask what we can do better when faced with a challenge.

  5. That is very sweet. What a great, thoughtful Dad who "gets" his son.
    I have started getting everyone dressed in the morning first thing, before breakfast, before they come downstairs. It goes fast, because everyone's hungry. And I'm less stressed out about what time we have to leave the house.

  6. what a wonderful example for us all...thanks for reminding me

  7. And to think I was all commiserating with what he didn't say. (My bad.)

    That's a nice husband you have there.

  8. Like trying to push jell-o. That sums up life with boys, indeed :)

    And Corey, yes. What a guy.

  9. Hi! I just spent some time around your blog, and I love it. Love the color and funny stories. Love the glimpse into your world. :)

  10. That is what being a good parent is all about. Understanding your kid and helping him/her be the best they can be. I really like this story.

  11. Kelly, as usual you warm my heart! And you inspire me to try a little harder, and be a little more gracious.

    I am guilty of rushing my 3 yr old...I know he is easily side tracked and the other morning I was fussing at him to get his shoes while I got the baby into the carrier & I didnt see him and I yelled for him to get his behind in the living room and get his shoes on...he was right behind me, holding his shoes, with tears in his eyes because I was yelling and he was obeying. Ouch. That really broke my heart. I have decided there is no place I need to be that badly that I have to shout at him.

  12. LOVE THIS!! LOVE it sooo much. My husband and I tend to expect too much of our kids at times and this is such a wonderful reminder! Well done!!!!!!!