A Psalm

Creation, broken as it is

Drips His glory

Billowing clouds of holy white

Crashing waves on a shore of smooth stones

Dancing flowers cradled by verdant hills

Shining moon

Sharp mountains

Whisper snow

I see

And wonder

And my soul wells up

“Oh creation! Sprout tongue and voice! Cry out! Give voice to the glory He has planted within you!”

But creation is silent.

Its cry is but a shadow.

For as majestic and awesome as it is, it was not made in His image.

Oh my soul.

Rise up!

Unique in creation.





Loose tongues designed for praising Him.

Cry out His wonders.

Tell of His love.

Proclaim his grace.

This is my purpose

And my joy.


  1. That is perfect. Absolutely perfect. I think about this every time I see my beautiful children, and know that yes, they look like me and my husband, but they were really made in HIS image.