Mommy Math, Halloween Edition

Someone explain this to me.

I bought two bags of candy at Target three weeks before Halloween. One bag was full of bite-sized chocolate favorites like Snickers, Milky Way and Twix. The other contained miniature boxes of movie candies like Dots, Milk Duds and Charleston Chews.

The bags were opened forthwith. I munched my way through "Good Eats" each night ate a few pieces. The kids were allotted a few after various meals, a reward for when they ate their broccoli or apples or Corn Pops.

Halloween came. We trick-or-treated in our neighborhood only, since it was a chilly night. And since the development we live in is only half completed, we made about 12 stops total.

How is it, then, that the amount of candy we have in our kitchen has more than doubled in a week? We're like the widow's jar of oil. Or some kind of horror movie. It just keeps coming.

And guess where all those pounds of chocolate are going to end up eventually?

Here's a hint: I gained 10 pounds during the four weeks between my September and October doctor's appointments. My November appointment is tomorrow.

You do the math.

Coming soon: Mommy Math, the Fall-Back-to-Standard-Time Edition, when that one "extra" hour of sleep mystically transforms into four hours of toddler torture, when your child insists it's time to get up even though the clock reads 5:30 AM.


  1. Hi Kelly! This is very funny! I feel the same way about Halloween candy and can't stop eating it to save my life. I've just decided that the more I eat each day the faster it will disappear and not be a temptation any longer. That works, right?! I enjoy your blog and only commented for the first time on the SCC giveaway post. Unfortunetly, as you know, I didn't win...sigh. Maybe next time!
    In Him ~ Kristin

  2. I feel your pain.

    Quidk - Toss 1/2 of the Halloween candy. NOW. Nobody will notice. Then put the rest in a zip-loc bag on top of the fridge so you can't reach it as easily. So far, it's working for me! (Sorta)

    Oh, and my little angel typically awoke at 5:30am, stood by my bedside and chabbered about pancakes. One of the very first things I taught her was the number "7". I then bought her a digital clock, and told her she was not allowed to come to my room in the morning until she saw the number 7 on the far left. (You can cover up the other numbers if need be.) I always put a small bag of cheerios and a sippy cup of water in her room before bed...and I happily slept until 7am from then on.