Never Mind Robert Frost, This Gold Can Stay

Today is so gorgeous, my entire person is tingly.

(Or maybe I just slept in a funky position last night. But that doesn’t work in nearly as well with my story.)

The sky is so blue, I can’t look directly at it. The sun is shining, warm. Our high today is 70. SEVENTY! Thanks to record-breaking rainfall in August and September, the grass is still green. The trees are still changing – vibrant reds, vivid oranges, brilliant yellows. Leaves are scattered like confetti on every street and in every yard. When a car drives by, the leaves swirl into the air and land with a whisper.


It just doesn’t get any better than this. The splendor of fall almost makes up for the Upper Midwest’s long and dreary winter.


Being a good Minnesotan and a Certified Weather Geek, I feel compelled to tell you how abnormal this weather is for the end of October. Our normal high for October 30 is 49. (Note to my dear California friends: Yes, I said that’s the normal high.) The grass should be mostly dead by now, the leaves brown and the trees standing like naked sentries, ready for their winter coat of snow. In fact, in 1991, the Twin Cities were lashed with the infamous Halloween Blizzard at the end of October. More than two feet of wet snow coated the ground when the storm was over.

But this year? It’s perfection. I could jump up and down for joy. Connor and I celebrated with a major Newsboys party in the car on the way home from Bible study today. There's just no way to keep that kind of happy inside my soul.

Want proof? Here are a few pictures I’ve taken around town lately. (Sorry, my Newsboys dancing picture isn't included. You'll have to wait for The Enquirer.)

(Yes, that last picture was taken while I was driving. In my defense, the day was too beautiful to worry about little things like road safety. Plus, I was about to turn in to the mall where a new Trader Joe's just opened. Trader Joe's. In Minnesota. Near me. Be still my heart.)

One of the things I love best about the Internet is reading about the differences in cultures and climates all across this great country – and all across the world. So how about you? What's fall been like in your corner of the woods?


  1. The weather here is about the same as yours. Warm, still have colorful leaves around,although they are falling now. I've been tempted to try photography while driving,too! :-)

    The difference? No water. We have a 12 inch rain deficit right now. Water restrictions, wells going dry, Atlanta wanting to drain OUR lakes for their people. Georgia, find your own water. North Carolinians need theirs. We haven't had any rain either...

    But it should be a cool, beautiful Halloween!

  2. Today is rainy and gusting but quite warm (40).

    I could handle a whole winter like this actually--though your pictures are gorgeous.

  3. I live in Arkansas, where the weather is a bit schizophrenic. Last night as I handed out candy, it was in the low 70' Who knows? The trees are beginning to change, but haven't yet reached their brilliant colors yet...I'll be sure and post some pix when they do! I enjoyed yours!

  4. Enjoying the same weather pattern and beauty in Minneapolis area. I too find it hard to believe that Fall can be so beautiful and enjoyed so much...considering what is lurking here in Minnesota! Your photo's are breathtakingly beautiful...and your sense of humor is spot on! Another great post.


  5. Our weather "south of the border" has been the same as yours - gorgeous! Our sky is the same color as yours, our leaves are the same color as yours, and our lawns are the same color as yours. Again, all gorgeous! Aren't we just so blessed!?

  6. OH sigh, sigh and more sigh.

    With autumn foliage, crisp air AND Trader Joe's, I can truly say that
    I you are apparently living my (not so secret) dream life. I am just a tad jealous. Can I just come spend a weekend at YOUR house? (hee hee)

    My sister lives in Michigan...every time I visit her I stock up at Trader Joe's. LOVE IT!

    As a certified weather geek myself, I can appreciate your interest in other places. My windows are closed and the A/C is cranked because it is HOT here. Outside, all is green and humid. We just finished with days and days of Tropical Storm Noel.

    Oh, and you will be amazed to know that I like the Newsboys as well. We are friends with Jeff's(keyboard player)parents. So, we get VIP tickets or Meet & Greets whenever they come into town.

    This ends the longest ever comment. You may now continue raking your leaves. (Please send some down here ASAP).

  7. I am so jealous! We are having much cooler weather. However, we don't get the beauty of changing colors. I must confess that I've taken a few photos while driving too. As a matter fact one of them made the Photo Show my last semester of college =)