This was the view outside my kids school today. Overcast skies, wind chill, dirty snow. Brick wall. Only a sliver of earth.

We are having a nice winter this spring, aren't we? Minnesota's April has been particularly brutal. We are currently staring down another week of gray skies, low 40s and snow. Minnesota is all: UGH! And WOE! And our average high right now should be 60! And THIS SUCKS!

I know we aren't alone. I would say the northern two-thirds of the country are dealing with sloppy, cold, miserable springs this year.

So let's fight back.

Last week, I was chatting commiserating whining with a few of my Minnesota besties, and we decided we're not falling down this rabbit hole without a fight. Winter may have our bodies, but it can't have our souls! So we are going to start, today, right where we are, giving thanks. We are blessed, so blessed. We all know that. Let's fix our eyes there, and let gratitude - eucharisto - remake our hearts. Call this the Ann Voskamp Remedy for Never Ending Winter.

And while we're at it, how about we look for signs of spring and share them? I'm going to share pictures on Instagram under the hashtag #HopeForSpring. Join me there or share them on my Facebook page. And don't feel like you can't play if you are already seeing green grass and flowers bloom. Share! Yes, I'm jealous. But it also gives me hope in a way I can't explain. It infuses me with courage to keep swimming sideways.

Because you know what happens when you bend low and give thanks? You might come face to face with tiny flowers, growing carefree, mindless of the snow next door.


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