FREE Things I've Learned This Weekend

1. If you put the word "free" in the title of a Craigslist ad, you will get inundated with emails. "I can take it! I'll be there in an hour!" "Call me! I want it!" "I just need to borrow my mom's car! Have you given it away yet?!?"

Less than two hours after I posted an ad last night, I had to remove it, lest my head explode. (Note: The side of our garage will not look like this after today.

Lesson learned: I should put the word free in all my blog posts and see what happens.

2. A few weeks ago, our backyard looked like this.

Then, it rained. Like, a lot. As in, we got a whole summer's worth of rain last month, almost 10 inches.

And my lilacs were no more.

I wept.

But. We have a tree in our front yard that everyone calls a lilac tree. The heavy white blossoms on it are just starting to open. Their fragrance isn't very lilac to me; they smell more like honey. I assumed the tree got its name because its flowers look like lilacs, not because it was actually related.

But last night, curiosity got the better of me (it does that a lot; I can't imagine a word without Google), and whadda know? It really IS a lilac tree. It's not just a colloquialism. 

So welcome back lilacs. You might not smell the same and you might not be purple. But I'm glad you're here.

Lesson learned: Google knows everything.

3. I think I'm becoming an accidental vegetarian. Not only am I squirmy about the viability of sustainable meat (I'll explain that sentence at a future date, if you're curious), but I'm honestly just tired of eating it. I'm bored with it. It makes me feel too full, especially in the summer, and I don't really miss it when it's absent from a meal.

This past week, I experimented with eating only side dishes at most meals, and I was surprised at how easy it was.

I do not see me ever giving up sugar, though. Some things are just too crazy, even for me.

Lesson learned: Meat. It's NOT for dinner.

4. We got Kieran a big boy life jacket this year. (It's perfect for his weight, but in true toddler form, it barely zips over his big boy belly.) We weren't sure if he would like it, if he would wear it, if it would work.

We needn't have worried.

Lesson learned: Freedom is a life jacket.

5. Last week, I was vacuuming like mad. In the sunroom, I peaked behind the red chair, checking for dead bugs. I saw this:

My first instinct: I gasped. WHAT THE NASTINESS?!?

Then I looked closer and rallied it was yarn. Hair. Dora hair.

I held my tongue.

That night, I held Teyla's newly shorn Dora doll up to Corey. Before he even had a chance to notice anything, Teyla chimed in rather frantically, "I didn't cut her hair!"


Lesson learned: I am smarter than a preschooler.

6.Lesson learned: Pepto Bismol tablets color vomit a startling shade of pink.

And that's all I'll say about that. You're welcome.

What did you learn this weekend?


  1. Excellent lessons!

    Dora hair is SCARY looking. I too am an accidental vegetarian but I still love meat. I just don't often feel like cooking it at home.

  2. Oh, gosh. Pepto-Bismol barf. That makes me want to hug my knees and rock a little.

    Really though? No meat NOW? During grilling season? Hmmm. I might could do it in the winter when I'm all hibernatey anyway, though. I've tried on occasion and like you, I really don't mind it. But I couldn't give it up in this season, or I'd end up panhandling the neighbors every time they fired up their grills.

    1. Oh, not GRILLED meat, Meagn. That's as enticing as bacon. I'm all about the Cajun turkey burgers and the carne asada and lime scampi. It's more that I'm not into the non-grilled meats.

      Which makes me a lame vegetarian. LAME.

  3. I can't handle the idea of meat in the summer. Except in fajitas. Then it doesn't count. In my head.