Nine Years

Yesterday, Natalie turned nine.

That seems both plausible and impossible to me, seeing as baby Natalie and girl Natalie live simultaneously in my heart.

I still remember the first time I looked into her eyes. It had been a very long, drawn-out, difficult delivery. I was tired and swollen and losing blood and I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. (And I looked like it too.)

But then they placed her on my chest, and this chubby, dark-haired, slimy thing opened her eyes and looked straight into mine. It took my breath away.

“Oh!” I gasped. “It’s a baby!”

With one heartbeat, I fell in love.

And suddenly, I was a mom.

I’m taking some time off this week to wallow in that a bit. See you in a few days.


  1. I don't believe any mother can forget the moment her first baby was placed in her arms. What a sweet, sweet moment!

  2. This sweet, short post said more than some of the long ones I read (and write) could ever say. It touched my heart so instantaneously tears rose to the surface before I was even aware. How beautiful! And how thankful I am that "that moment" happened to me four times. They are all grown and married now and have babies of their own. YET, when reminded, "that moment" was only seconds ago. Blessings to you, Cate

  3. Sixteen years for me. Wow. Time really does fly. All my children are loved with the same furious passion but there's something about the milestones that accompany the first because, well, they're first...