Birthday Follow-Up

So thank you -- seriously, THANK YOU -- for all the birthday wishes yesterday. As it turns out, January 13, 2010 didn't get any better as the day went on. In fact, it got worse. Poor Natalie kept trying to assure me she felt better all afternoon, when in reality, her face was ashen and she logged many minutes in the bathroom. She was supposed to go on a field trip to the Minnesota History Museum today -- in fact, I was supposed to go with her, as a parent driver/chaperon. So she was obviously anxious to get better and fell better and be better so she wouldn't miss the fun.

But guess who's propped on my couch right now watching PBS Kids?

Poor girl. First day of school she's missed all year due to illness, and it has to fall on a field trip day.

Anyway. My point is: The sweet e-mails and comments and phone calls I got from you guys (translation for my Southern friends: all y'all) truly made my birthday. I felt enveloped in a cocoon of love, to go over the top with imagery.

And now I'm off to hang out with my girls. (Oh! Side point here, but isn't this typical of kids? Natalie had to stay home today and miss her field trip, which made her cry and say things like, "But it's not FAIR!" And Connor had to go to school today, since he's not sick, which made him cry and say things like, "But it's not FAIR!")

Since today's schedule is suddenly clear, I've decided to cook my birthday dinner and cake today, since they didn't get done yesterday. Cake! Yeah!

And truly, the fact that yesterday was stinky doesn't bother me too much. Because Corey and I are supposed to go to a hotel this weekend to celebrate. And I'm getting a massage on Saturday to celebrate. And tonight, Lord willing, I'll be eating this cake.

So it's really just birthday week here at Love Well.

I'm taking my lemons and making lemon filling.

(Of course, if either Corey or I were to get sick and this weekend's plans were canceled, I'll be joining the "It's not FAIR!" chorus. But let's not go there. Cake is a good conductor of immunity, right?)


  1. We've had a couple of lousy days here too. Sick kids. No sleep. Messy house. Both of us working full time, plus extra hours. And it's your brother's birthday too. So we are going to his favorite Mexican restaurant tonight so he can get his favorite dish. Hopefully that will turns things around :)

    Here's to a robust Happy Birthday Week to you! Let's toast with some sparkling cider :)

  2. I have a friend who says "celebrate at least a week!"

    If you get sick, I'll be glad to get a massage for you! LOL

  3. Stay healthy! You deserve a lovely getaway. It will be divine.

    Lemon filling? I know what I am making for my birthday.

    I hope your daughter is feeling much better tonight.

  4. I love lemon filling. And am really really wishing I made it here in time to wish you a happy birthday on your true birthday.

    But yes- celebrate ALL week! All month actually. That's what us January girls do. :)


  5. ahhh feeling like baking one meself hahah I hope you enjoy your weekend I truly am jealous now!

  6. Cake is perfect to make you feel better, or stay better.

    Boo missed the last day of school last year...the LAST day. The poor thing.

    I hope your girl is feeling better, and that you all stay healthy so you can have your weekend away.

  7. Happy Birthday!! Wow, that cake looks SOOOO good! How did yours turn out? Hope everyone's back to feeling better!

  8. Oh, YUM. Hope you're enjoying time away right now!