Saturday Evening Post

I've seen links to Elizabeth Esther's blog popping up on many of my favorite blog haunts (such as Conversion Diary or Extraordinary Ordinary or Mylestones) for months now. But probably like many of you, I'm trying to keep my blog reader lean, so I never clicked through.

My mistake.

I don't remember which link finally piqued my curiosity. But Elizabeth pulled me in immediately. I spent at least 30 minutes surfing her site -- looking at past posts, checking out her writing style, getting to know Elizabeth. And I was blown away. She's articulate, thoughtful, funny -- three things that make for a great communicator, in my book. (I also couldn't help but gasp at her Christmas is Pagan? post, because I read it about 24 hours after I posted Christmas Salad Dressing. Talk about a perfect counter-point to my holiday frustrations. Her take on the push-pull between Jesus Christmas and Santa Christmas was very healing to me.)

The first Saturday of every month, Elizabeth hosts the Saturday Evening Post carnival designed to let bloggers "show off" their favorite post from the past month. Because today is also the first Saturday in the new year, she's switching it up a bit and asking for people's favorite post from all of 2009. Wow! Talk about a tall order.

I choose my Story Unfolding post, which shares my struggle to balance my desire to make a BIG difference in this world with the reality of being a stay-at-home Mom, which sometimes makes me feel invisible.

If you missed that one, by all means, check it out. And then head over to Elizabeth's blog to read some awesome posts or even play along yourself.

Happy New Year!


  1. I finally clicked over to her last week.
    And read for over an hour with tears streaming down my face.
    She has articulated so many of the DEEP THOUGHTS that have been crowding in at my heart and mind for a while now.

  2. I have seen her pop up many times, but just recently started reading. She is amazing, love it!