The Real Start to the New Year

Welcome to the real first day of 2010.

I know it's technically January 4. But those weekend days? The days where the kids are still home and you can still sleep in and the Christmas cookies beckon for breakfast? They don't count.

But today, the mother of all Mondays, to borrow a Twitter phrase from Leighton, is the day the gears start to turn again. The routine might be slow and sluggish, but it's there. The kids are off to school. The housework awaits. The laundry issues demands. And the Christmas cookies are stale. (At least, that's what I keep telling myself to resist tempation.)

It's the official beginning of the year.

Personally, I'm ready.

I love vacation, and being a just-barely-dominant sanguine, I live for fun. It's my primary motivator in life.

But the other half of my temperament is melancholic, and that means my spirit also loves order and routine and accomplishing tasks.

And the mother of all Mondays is all about goals and structure and possibilities.

Saddle up the horses. We've got a whole new year -- nay, a new decade -- staring us in the face.

The excitement of a blank canvas even negates the -3 temperature outside.


After all, it is Monday. You can't expect perfection.

If you have no idea what I mean by temperament, you can test yourself here, which uses a test very similar to the one my husband and I use when we lead a seminar on temperament and relationships. Just be sure to come back and tell me what you are. The sanguine in me thinks that would be fun, and the melancholic in me thinks that would be informative and useful.


  1. You know what? The sun came out today. And you know what else? I don't feel blah anymore! (You're a genius).
    And now for the beginning of the comment that actually pertains to YOUR post....

    I think we are pretty close to being personality twins. I'm 50/50 too, started out way dominant on the melancholic side but have migrated to the middle. Add to that our undying affection for Trader Joe's, and it's no wonder we can love each other without ever having met.

  2. Hm. I am apparently a Melancholy Phlegmatic, which is interesting, as many of those personality traits directly conflict each other (especially when it comes to parenting--the Melancholy weaknesses are the exact opposite of the Phlegmatic strengths). Actually, that doesn't surprise me terribly much, as I've always known I am just a mass of contradictions. It does tend to make life interesting ...

  3. Nice to see you've stuck with the temperament stuff - what a youth group flashback! I'm phlegmatic melancholy now, wonder if I was the same back then?

  4. I'm a sanguine phlegmatic. Reading about the weaknesses was sort of depressing. But the strengths made me feel good!

  5. Oh man, I am Choleric Sanguine. That sadly seems spot on. lol

    I am glad to be back into a routine, if that routine means Boo is not sleeping again...lovely.

  6. Apparently I am meloncholy/sanguine.
    I don't think that is exactly right. I'm much more chloric in nature than the test revealed.
    But I took the test after 9:30 at night and I know better than to do anything after 9:00. It coculd be a whole different ballgame tomorrow at 6:00.
    My son doesn't start back to school till tomorrow and somehow that just seems weird. I want to kick off the new year on Monday, like it's supposed to be.

  7. Did you know that I have always tested as a sanguine melancholy, as well? And if you still have Christmas cookies in the house, I am completely impressed; you must have a lot of willpower. Most of the ones we didn't give away were consumed while still warm, just out of the oven. But even still, if you eat cookies for breakfast, those calories are just the same as if you'd eaten a typical "wholesome" breakfast...I mean, you don't get the same nutricional value, but a calorie is a calorie, and cookie calories have more time throughout the day to be burned if they are consumed first thing in the morning. ;-)

  8. I'm a melancholy/phlegmatic, but I still think we'd get along. I need more fun in my life! I love the Myers-Briggs (I'm an ISFJ) and my results on this one are pretty consistent. So, resolutions are easy for me to make if I could just believe they'll actually get done.