When the Hype Grows Old

I hate to deluge you with baby news -- have I mentioned it's a BOY? -- but my Pregnancy Journal post is up at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. The idea for it came to me Monday morning when I was showering. I actually had to keep reminding myself that my ultrasound was the next day; my mind was so absorbed with Christmas details and the normal stuff I do to run our home, I would completely forget that I had something extra (and really, really special) in just a few hours.

And that made me laugh, inwardly, because I would NEVER have forgotten the ultrasound when I was pregnant with the other kids. The ultrasound was the focus on my week, my month, my life. I counted down the hours; such was the anticipation. But this time? I think I'm a little too familiar with pregnancy to be absorbed like I used to.

Anyway. You can go read more about that at 5 Minutes for Parenting.


In other news, there's a HUGE STORM bearing down on the Upper Midwest. I don't watch, listen or patronize the local media anymore -- which is ironic, for someone who used to edit a community newspaper and produce a local newscast for NBC -- but I hear they are hyping it for all its worth. One of my friends said they've given it the nickname "snow-nami." (Insert eye roll here.)

MckMama summed it up well
: It's snow. It's Minnesota. It's December. What's new?

I totally agree.

But I am also weather geek, so I'm still tracking the storm. And since we were supposed to travel this weekend to spend Christmas with my family, the storm is having a huge impact on our immediate future. Right now, the weather service says we could get anything from 12-20 inches between tonight and Saturday morning. If we get anything like that, we'll be home-bound for Christmas, with nary a plan in sight.

Which means I might be the only blogger online the next few days. :-) Merry Christmas!


  1. Oh no, I will be here too! Thankfully all our places are local, but it does make for some tricky travel! I can't wait, I love snow storms.

    Stay safe!!

  2. Some snowstorm, huh! We were in Owatonna for most of it and were disappointed at the lack of a blizzard. Oh well. Helped us fly out on time!