December 1

This is how I know December has arrived in Minnesota.

I stood on our front stoop this morning, with a bowl of Cheerios in my hand, and I realized the air I was inhaling was colder than the milk I had just poured on my cereal.

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas....


If you need encouragement, get thee to either of these posts written by some of my best bloggy friends:
Laundry Baskets (by Amy Beth at Ministry So Fabulous)
We're Expecting (by Missy at It's Almost Naptime)

Both of them cracked right into my heart this morning as I read them. And now I'm going to go bawl on my Bible for a little while.

Because sometimes -- no matter the date -- we just need a fresh start.


  1. I ran to the grocery store this morning and realized as soon as I hit the sidewalk that the ground was glare ice. YIKES!

  2. That post by Amy Beff hit me so hard I was almost left breathless.
    In a really really good way.

  3. Amazing posts.

    Including yours. Amazing that you were STANDING OUTSIDE when the temperature is colder than your milk! LOL It's cold here today - rainy and not getting out of the 40's.

    Oh, and you might be interested in the giveaway on my blog today....

  4. To have you say that -- Mrs. I-Write-So-Well-It's-Unbelievable -- well, it's quite the compliment.

  5. I loved your comment at Mylestones about hoping Heaven has a huge DVR with a pause button! Seriously! I agree -- and that made me laugh.

  6. It was cold on Monday, but today was a wonderful cold. Yesterday was the first time I saw "wind chill" on the weather forecast, and it made me smile. I love winter in MN!