Small Mercies

I was talking on the phone with one of my closest friends this morning, and we were laughing about how different our lives are right now.

In short: She's busy. I'm not.

Besides her normal family and home responsibilities, Lisa volunteers at her sons' school one day a week. She and her husband co-lead one of their church's small group. They also run a karate school out of their home, in addition to the home-based business her husband operates. She has a wide circle of friends. And she's got her immediate family in town, which means weekly visits and check-ins.

I have ... very little. I co-lead a Bible study for our MOPS women. I have a toddler at home (which Lisa doesn't have; her boys are the same age as Connor and Natalie, so her kids are all in school). And I'm obviously growing a human.

But other than that? My plate is practically empty. I don't even have the kids signed up for any kind of lessons right now (other than karate, which has a come-whenever-you-want policy) or a weeknight church group. We are largely just home, with little to no outside commitments.

This is strange for me. My friends can testify -- I am the opposite of a homebody. Normally, I have great difficulty staying at home for even one full day. If my calendar is empty, I will fill it up faster than you can say "Are you free tomorrow?"

Yet this fall, my schedule is wide open.

This is one of God's small mercies. I didn't have the mental capacities to recognize it until this morning. But He knew that, this fall, I wouldn't have the energy for anything outside of my immediate family. So he emptied my calendar without me even being aware.

(In fact -- I just remembered this. In August, our worship pastor asked me to be on a team of writers for our church's Christmas drama. I was so excited by the potential, I practically said "YES!" before I left his office. But I dutifully said, "Maybe I should pray about it first." And after a week's worth of prayer, I had no peace about the idea -- which frustrated me. But having learned my lesson before, I regretfully informed Scott that I couldn't accept his invitation this year. Now I understand why.)

I am humbled at God's love for even this tiny thing in my life.

What about you? What small mercy has God shown you lately?

(Post script: After I wrote this, I realized it fit perfectly with the weekly Tuesdays Unwrapped carnival over at Chatting at the Sky. So I linked up . That's a wonderful link-fest, if you want to read more about God revealing Himself through even the most mundane of circumstances.)


  1. Wonderful post. Amazing God, always going before us to make the crooked places straight.

  2. "I am humbled at God's love for even this tiny thing in my life."

    I love this. He is always making straight our paths, even and especially when we have no idea . . .

  3. I have had to be really intentional about not taking on too much during this pregnancy, and still I have been drained and stressed. I know God has good in mind for me even through that. And now that I'm done with my other (3rd) job, I have been blocking off a lot of our December calendar so that we can just "be" as a family.

  4. It's a blessing I don't often recognize--the God who goes before and plans our steps. He knows what we need when we are convinced we need something entirely different. Wonderful post.

  5. We're in the same boat, for the first time in... forever... we pretty much have no plans scheduled. And it's really wonderful, a beautiful blessing. To have time when you need it... is amazing.

  6. Oh so many things, lady. I'm just watching and watching right now. God is just so good to us. As we try to PLAN a move, things fall apart that SHOULD fall apart and things we thought would never work come together miraculously. so many things...

    I'm humbled by it.

  7. I had a very similar experience this year... I chose to eliminate some HUGE things in my life that were taking a lot of time and causing me a lot of stress. God was getting me ready to just BE this year. I'm still really busy, but have really enjoyed the moments of this pregnancy and the time with my other kids.

    I did tuesday's unwrapped, too... check out the photo of baby's face inutero! I've never had an ultrasound so late before!

  8. me i need tostart socialising more...i never was social and now i am seeing a need tohave more friends etc...unfortunately so far i only managed online friends that live very far away but hey its better than nothing!

  9. Small mercy or giant, you be the judge: I don't have to host the big Thanksgiving dinner this year. This development has been so welcome, I almost feel like crying with gratitude.