Let The Sun Shine In

The sun is shining this morning.

I'm so happy, I'm crying.

. (Nothing like those pregnancy hormones to make you a little emotional.)

October has been dark for me, both literally and physically.
But yesterday, I turned the page on a new month. November feels like a ray of sunshine on my soul. Not only is this the month of my favorite holiday, but our weather forecast is suddenly all bright skies and normal temps (which would be highs around 50 for us, but after weeks of 40-degree rain, I'll take it).

To celebrate, I'm going to share a few fall photos. I took them last week, on our one sunny morning. And I'm telling you -- when the sun comes out and illuminates the jewel leaves God has scattered around the Upper Midwest this time of year, the only thing you can do is worship.

This is the playground at the kids' school. Doesn't it just scream autumn with all those fallen leaves?

It was such a beautiful, if frosty, morning, Teyla and I took a walk at a nearby arboretum after we dropped the kids at school.

The sumac bushes are so bright red, they are almost pink. I love this color.

Overnight frost had iced everything.

My little companion; Teyla keeps me company every day. (I should probably do an update on the kids soon, huh? I know our friends in Africa are salivating for some news.)

Some maple trees near our home. (It was really hard to get this shot. Windy days make macro shots difficult, you know?)

Just looking back at those pictures makes me happy. (And yes, I might be crying again. Good grief.) God is good. Even in the darkness, He shines.

Bring on the sun.


  1. What a cutie pie! Teyla is adorable. And the leaves are pretty too. I'm glad you are feeling better. I hate those first 12 weeks, yuck! The next 20 weeks should be fabulous .... if you can still sneak in some of those cat naps.

  2. What fantastic pictures! Teyla is getting so big. She'll be heading off to school before we blink!

    I'm SO glad you're feeling better.

    But highs of 50? That's winter down here, my dear!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I was looking hard for a shadowy baby bump in that picture with Teyla walking along, but didn't see it. :) I've been praying for you friend. That dark place can be so dark and so lonely. I'm so glad the sun is starting to shine and warm the days and your heart.

  4. Love, love, love autumn and its glorious colors! So glad to hear that you are feeling better--even with tears. Your post reminded of a lesson I was given years ago, "Remember in the darkness what you learned in the light."

  5. Love you my friend and I'm so glad you are getting some much needed Vitamin D.

    I used to hate winter and still do despise cold. But, I've started loving the early dark in the past couple of years. It feels like a cocoon and puts me in a more restful state of mind. Almost like I have permission to quit early for the day instead of running until the sun goes down at 9 p.m. Isn't that dumb? :)

  6. Mmmm, your pictures and description made me smile, too... :) I'm so glad you're feeling a little "sunnier" and hoping that you can bottle up a li'l of that sunshine for a dreary day! :)

  7. Salivating doesn't even begin to describe it...missing each one of you guys SO MUCH. Hug everyone for us, and then make them give you hugs on our behalf. So glad you have turned a corner emotionally...even though it is a difficult time, God is creating something so AMAZING in you. Can't wait to see you all, and to meet Gordon Child IV. Just remind him or her not to come early, because we should be home in plenty of time :) Love from Africa!

  8. gorgeous shots. we have brilliant blue after many dreary days today, too. so good for the soul.

  9. Isn't it amazing how beautiful a sunny day can be after a string of dark, rainy days?

    Wonderful photos!

  10. He is the Light of the world!

    Beautiful pictures!