Friday Changed My Life

So I've Tweeted about this a little and written a few e-mails. But I finally feel confident enough to proclaim it here on ye old blog: Zofran is AMAZING.

At my OB check last Friday, my doctor asked how I was feeling. I said that I'm decent in the morning and the day slides downhill from there.

"Do you want a prescription for Zofran?" she asked.

And with that simple statement, she changed my life.

I filled my prescription Monday afternoon, took a pill as soon as I got in the car -- and within 60 minutes, the nausea was gone. Except for my lack of energy, I felt normal for the first time since early September. Talk about an encouragement.

I'm still figuring out the right dosage for me, especially since it's $4 a pill. (And that's for the generic; the brand-name Zofran would have been a staggering $40 a pill.) But I'm happy to report that I feel like I've turned a corner on the first trimester nausea. I can't put into words how wonderful it is to feel better again.

Friday's appointment was memorable for one other reason: I got to hear the heartbeat of our new little one. I suppose I should be used to it by this time, but it never fails to elicit a spine-tingle. I wrote more about that over at 5 Minutes for Parenting today. Come and join the discussion.


  1. I'm glad you got some relief! I lived on that stuff last summer. Do you have Costco where you live? With insurance I used to get mine for $10. Yay for hearing that sweet heartbeat!

  2. Zofran IS fantastic! My OB wouldn't give me an Rx for it, but I had a dose when I had to go to the ER for spotting, and it was awesome! You don't realize how much that nausea fills every corner of your body & mind until it lifts for a little while.

  3. Not that I can even begin to comprehend....but I am excited for your excitement!

  4. I hope you are feeling well today! I laughed out loud when I saw your tweet about your laptop on top of the laundry basket. GUILTY on that one. It falls EVERY TIME.


  5. I have had Zofran before, and it is fabulous! Glad it is helping you!

    $4 a pill!! Holy Moly! That is nuts.

  6. I've never tried Zofran, but glad it is working for you! The first trimester nauseau, fatigue and depression is ROUGH! You are making me appreciate the third trimester even more. =]

  7. Never had Zofran for morning sickness, but it was a gift from God when I had the stomach flu. It's truly amazing. Glad to hear you're feeling better.