Questions for a Monday Morning

How can I love being a SAHM one minute and ask my five-year-old to “please, please give Mommy just one minute by herself” the next?

Do you think the reason the plant on my back deck is dying is that the baby keeps pulling off all the blossoms? (I rue the day I let her help me deadhead.)

How to lactose-intolerant people survive a PB&J sandwich?

Why does Teyla keep waking up from her naps crying inconsolably, even on the days (and mornings) when she’s had good sleep?

How do fruit flies get into my house? (Don’t answer that.)

I don’t even like yogurt. Why can’t I stop entertaining the idea of making some from scratch?

Connor is scheduled to get his pre-kindergarten immunizations Wednesday. At what point do I tell him he’s getting shots?


  1. 1. Because you are human.
    2. Maybe
    3. Lactaid
    4. Because she is human. And a toddler.
    5. Maddening
    6. Because it sounds really neat.
    7. After the appointment.

    Aren't you glad I'm so much help?!

  2. 1. It happens to everyone.
    2. Yes.
    3. I wonder the same thing about oreos.
    4. Maybe she needs just a little time to collect herself?
    5. I have them here, too. Make a paper funnel, drop into a ball jar with a piece of fruit at the bottom and watch them fly in and forget how to get out. They're remarkably stupid.
    6. For the sense of accomplishment you'll have.
    7. Let the nurse tell him.

  3. 1. Ha! I wonder the same thing.
    2. Doubt it.
    3. ?
    4. I don't know, but let me know the solution for MY 2-yr old!
    5. Remedy: put out a small container with 1:1 apple cider vinegar and dish soap. It doesn't take much.
    6. To say you did it.
    7. The day of--but make sure he knows you'll be going for ice cream (or another treat) afterward!

  4. 1. Yes, how? (Me too)
    2. That sounds probable.
    3. I got nuttin. (no pun intended)
    4. Not a clue, but if you figure that one out, you'd be so rich you could hire your own from-scratch yogurt maker.
    5. Skipping as requested.
    6. We just made some from scratch in a our new yogurt maker machine and it is pretty darn good. But I only did it cuz my hubs kept nagging me about "how easy" it would be and "how inexpensive" and how "healthy"...yada yada. Sigh...he was right again.
    7. I like the idea of after the appointment, over a bowl of ice cream.

  5. 1- You are a still need me time.
    2- ahh...maybe.
    3- medicine
    4- Nightmares or Terrors?
    5- -
    6- Because it would be pretty cool if you could.
    7- Never...

  6. 1. IT's a mystery. One we ALL do.
    2. Bwhahaha. Mind you, I taught mine to water. My poor hardwood floors.
    3. ?
    4. My oldest cried (and by cried I mean screamed) EVERY SINGLE TIME he woke up for 2.5 years. We had to train him out of it.
    6. I've made it from scratch because my kids eat it by the kilo. DISASTER. Don't do it!
    7. I told mine as we were driving there. But I kept it positive. I had a baggie of treats that he never gets (marshmallows, honeycombs, chocolate chips) that I showed to him and told him he could have the bag after the shot if he was brave. He didn't even cry. (I had to have a bag for his sibling to make him sit through the appt.)

  7. 1. It just happens.
    2. Nah
    3. (giggle) Kool-Aid ... yuck ... no ... umm ... I'll have to go with Lactaid too.
    4. Babies ... will we ever understand them?
    6. You're gonna do what?

    Great questions! Wish I had the answers.

  8. Sounds like Teyla just wakes up hard. I'm like that too. Try giving her some coffee.

  9. As far as the shots, how about one minute before? It's cruel to make them sit there anticipating and worrying for half an hour.

  10. I didn't tell my girl until after the exam and the nurse went to go get them. And of course she started crying, but I told her we would get ice cream. If I told her before the whole appointment, the whole appointment would've been a wreck!

  11. hilarious. beautiful family. look forward to keeping up with your daily trials and tribulations...

  12. I was pretty upfront and matter of fact with my kids prior to their 5 yr old shots--not too far in advance but far enough to tell them (several times) "You're getting a shot. It will hurt but only for a minute. You'll be very, very brave and then we will go get a toy." All four of them were indeed very, very brave; not a one cried and they all got a toy. (and would have gotten a toy even if they cried--I never told them they couldn't cry)