Operation Code Name: Pancakes

If you want to know why I was up and showered and ready to go before 7:30 AM this morning -- something that rarely happens in the summer, when I consider showering before 10:00 AM an accomplishment worthy of a second cup of coffee -- my 5 Minutes for Parenting post today explains all.

If it helps get you there, imagine that I was dressed in black ninja gear in order to kidnap my own children.

I wasn't, but if the visual works....


  1. What fun! And someone else gets to clean the sticky table!

    Precious memories.....

  2. Count me as a vote for the "that was fun, let's do it again" column - even with a glass of icy water dumped onto my lap by an 18-month tasmanian devil (but decidedly cute)

  3. Hi Kelly! Thanks for visiting Kitchen Scoop and for your comments about the peaches! I've asked a question under your comment that I hope you'll get time to go back and address...thanks for joining our conversation. Love your site and so glad to have found it!