Blue Like Play Dough

There are times I tire of sitting in front of the computer.

I organize my life on the computer. I download and file pictures on the computer. I edit video on the computer. I keep in touch with family and friends on the computer. I track incoming storms on the computer. I read my Bible on the computer.

And, of course, I blog on the computer.

Some days, I wish I could wake up and not hit the "on" button all day.

But I might as well try to pretend I don't have children. I need my computer for modern life, and unless I'm on vacation, reality insists I pay attention.

And that's why I enjoyed "Blue Like Play Dough," a new book by Tricia Goyer. The subtitle of the book is "The Shape of Motherhood in the Grip of Grace," and it's like reading a blog post from a friend who really gets this whole motherhood-in-the-trenches-while-still-trying-to-be-a-disciple-of-Jesus thing.

Yet, I don't have to sit in front of my computer to learn from my new friend's stories. I can read them in bed, while I rock Teyla to sleep or in the bathtub. Hallelujah.

I haven't read any of Tricia's other books. She's an award-winning novelist, so she obviously knows how to spin a tale. But I do know that she seems as normal and as real as my best friend. Her stories of everyday life as a mom ring true.

Consider this from her prologue:
When I had kids, I felt like I was the one being squished and pressed. At times I left like I was being poked as I tried to deal with the 101 needs of my kids. I felt stretched as I struggled through things I'd hlped I'd never have to face -- like hospitalized children, disobedient children, lost children (more than once on all counts). I felt pulled when I tried to balance raising kids, taking care of our house, serving in church and following my dreams. There were even days when I felt as if I was literally being pounded -- by life, by my hang-ups, by my own insecurities and doubts that I was "good enough" as a mom.

One day I was praying about all the hard stuff in life, and into my mind came an image of a blue lump of play dough. As I focused on it, I realized the lump wasn't something my kids or I helf in our hands. Rather, it was something God held in His. I was that lump. As I watched God pull and tug, I saw that He was following a pattern. He had something in mind. God, the artist, was shaping me, forming me to represent an image of His Son.
If you'd like to know more, you are invited to Tricia's "Blue Like Play Dough" Launch Party on Facebook. It's tomorrow night (July 27) from 5-7 PM. She promises to share some of her mothering experiences, host a few trivia contests, answer questions from the guests and give away two huge Play-Dough packs to party goers.

You can also pick up your own copy of "Blue Like Play Dough" at Amazon, ChristianBook or your local bookstore. And if you do, be sure to go to Tricia's Get One-Give One (Go-Go) site and record your purchase. For every copy of "Blue Like Play Dough" sold, she'll donate a copy of "My Life Unscripted" or "Generation NeXt Parenting" to a pregnancy, teen or family support ministry. (Spoiler alert: Tricia was a single, teen mother before she was a successful author and speaker.)

And now, I'm getting off the computer. This lump of play dough needs to be remolded before she goes to bed.

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