Travel Opener

Corey left this morning on his first business trip of the season. He'll be gone roughly every other week from this point until May.

The good news? After I get the kids to bed, I'll be free to curl up on the couch with my "Northern Exposure" DVDs, an obsession I have that Corey doesn't share.

The bad news? I'll miss nightly moments like this.

Footnote: I feel compelled to add that I finished the Harry Potter series yesterday, which is a darn good thing because I doubt I could have read them by myself in a darkened house -- too much intensity to handle alone. Yet, since they are almost impossible to put down, I probably would have found myself reading them anyway and then never sleeping.

Also, now that I've finished "The Deathly Hallows," I'm backing off my assertion from last week that I would like to parent like Dumbledore. I still admire his patience and wisdom and charm. But I wouldn't want to emulate him in every way.


  1. Aww, I predict some long weeks as the girl who yells "Da!" tries to figure out why he disappears for days at a time!

    By the time you get them all to bed, you'll deserve the treat of curling up and watching whatever you wish.

    But, um, is a Minnesota winter not enough Northern Exposure for you?!

  2. I'm sorry Kelly. I get it. I really do. Every other week feels like my middle name. Ew.

    You are a bigger person than I though. The night before Ryan leaves, I'm so uptight that I act like a big freak. Knowing is half the battle. Now I just need to STOP freaking...sigh.

    I'll be thinking of you a lot and praying for smooth days and a crazy miracle peace in the solo parenting.

  3. Solo parenting.
    Not for the weak.
    May your snows be few and your thaws be many so at least you can get outside.
    (I do like to dream.)