It's January again.

January, when the world around me is devoid of color, when everything is shades of gray, when the temperature plummets and takes my will to live.

That's January.

Or it was. Until last year.

Because last year, on January 9, the sweetest little girl was handed to me as I lay in a hospital bed, blissfully feeling no pain, only happiness.

And now, January is color and spunk and joy and kisses to me.

I can hardly believe she's one.

Last year, she could only lay in my arms.

Now she can walk and talk and get into all sorts of trouble.

(If I had the energy to make a thought balloon, it would say, "What's that? What's that over there? Can I eat it? Can I wear it? Is it dangerous?")

Last year, she could only be amazed by the blur of motion and noise that were her siblings.

Now, she is completely captivated by their antics ...

and their love.

Last year, she had a Daddy who was wrapped around her little finger.

Now ... well, she has a Daddy who is so whipped, he can hardly stand it.

Teyla, my prayer for you is that your heart for God is as wild as your hair, that your strength of will also means strength of character, that your inquisitiveness and mirth will make you into a smart, joyful, mighty, warrior princess for The One who gave you to us.

You are my delight, sweet one.

You are my springtime in the middle of winter, my smile in the night.

You are so loved.


  1. She cannot possibly be one already.

    I remember watching a video of her when she was just learning how to smile and gurgle and make sweet baby sounds.

    Where, oh where, does the time go?

    happy birthday to that precious little one!

  2. I started reading your blog because of your labor and delivery story.

    Happy Birthday, Teyla!

  3. Oh, she is a doll-baby. And the year ahead is the BEST of babyhood, in my opinion. Enjoy her, enjoy her enjoy her. Happy Birthday, pretty girl!

  4. What a beautiful post! I also have a January "baby" - he turned 4 yesterday. Thank you for the reminder that winter doesn't have to be so dreary! :)
    Teyla is too cute!

  5. I started reading your blog around the time she was born, and I feel like I know her. And I have a 9-month old who is just like her, so I know the awesomeness (and exhaustion) that is an active, inquisitive, busy girl. Happy Birthday sweet Teyla!

  6. When you said that you pray that her heart for God is as wild as her hair, I lost it.
    Happy 1st Birthday to your precious daughter!!

  7. I have never seen such a squishy, adorable, bundle of love. What a heart-stealer! Happy Birthday, darlin' Teyla!

  8. Happy Birthday Teyla! I won't give you a combination Christmas/Birthday gift anymore. ( I thought you wouldn't mind this year :)

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Kelly!

  9. The first post of yours I ever read was your labor and delivery story. I can't believe it's been a year. Happy birthday, little one.

  10. I absolutely cannot believe she is 1!!! She is beyond precious and adorable. I love love love this age. What a sweetie.

  11. Happy Birthday beautiful girlie!

    Love this: my prayer for you is that your heart for God is as wild as your hair


  12. Happy Birthday, Teyla dear. What a joy you are even to those of us who delight from afar in the delight of your mom--who adore the pics of your wild hair--who share a mother's heart for the antics of childhood. You give a present to many of us.

  13. Happy Birthday, Teyla!

    Look at all the people saying they fell in love with you! That's because you are SO lovable. We love stories about you, we love your hair, we love that glimmer in your eye, like you're up to something. We also love it that you're up to something. Thank you for starting to sleep a little better at night, we were starting to think your mom might need a caffeine IV. You're beautiful, Teyla. Best wishes!

  14. One? Already? It can't possibly be. Thank you for letting us in how a little of her spunkiness and sweetness and everything about her sweet little self. Happy Birthday Teyla!

  15. This brings tears to my eyes for so many reasons. Yet another Gordon child I have fallen in love with. oh, as if I am not emotional enough about leaving you guys...

    Please kiss and hug her for me.

  16. She is just so beautiful and fun! Love this post and I hope all your Januaries are full of color from now on (something tells me with your cute kids they will be!)

  17. Happy Birthday, Teyla!!!!!!

    I loved seeing her newborn picture...her sweet little face looks exactly the same!

    (January babies rock.)

  18. Aw, you made me cry this time.

    Happy Birthday baby girl!

  19. So I guess its been about a year that I've been reading your blog. I kept coming back in hopes there were new, sweet baby pictures posted. :)