Summer Lovin' Happened So Fast

You know what amazed me this week?

That I was able to write this post about the advent of fall with a pleasant tone and an air of nonchalance.

"Autumn? Oh yes. Come September, it happens. After all, I live in Minnesota. C'est la vie."

In reality, I'm more like the lone (cough, idiotic, cough) female in a horror movie who has agreed to separate from the group to see if anything is amiss at the rustic cabin where the group is stranded who then discovers a bloody stump in the wood chipper.


Lest I misrepresent, I do love fall, The Season. I just don't love fall, This Year. It's come much too quickly, and I resent its arrival.

Every June I have a recurring nightmare. I go to bed, giddy with plans of a bright tomorrow full of sunshine and swimming, and when I wake up, school buses are making the rounds and everyone is wearing sweatshirts. "School is starting today! Didn't you hear?" So I groggily stumble to the corner curb, with a backpack the size of a small Volkswagen bug, trying desperately to conjure up a few pleasant summer memories. But there are none, for apparently, I've slept the entire summer away.

That, my friends, is horrifying.

Yet that's almost exactly how I feel this year. Logically, I know we had 12 weeks off school. I can look through My Pictures folder and see hundreds of pictures of fun trips and outings. I sport suntan lines where my swimsuit once was.

But when I walked into school with Natalie this past Tuesday, I couldn't shake the cold panic, the feeling that I must be living a nightmare. "Weren't we JUST here? Didn't we JUST do this? Can it really be fall already? What happened to my summer?"

The only remedy for this situation, as I see it, is to have a Summer Review here on the blog. Maybe if I tell you a few stories and share some of my favorite memories, the brightness of Summer 2008 will have more sheen.

So get ready for next week. It will be like watching a slide show from your favorite aunt's Hawaii vacation.

Oh. Wait.

Maybe that's your nightmare.



  1. Can we trade places???!? I am LONGING for fall... I am so sick of hot and sun. I think it's 100 degrees outside AGAIN. I want to make Chicken Salsa Chili- I want to pull out the fall decorations (which Luke is strongly opposed to when it's 100 degrees outside)- I want to go to an apple orchard... I guess I just really want out of CA! Hopefully next year... :) I can't wait to go to Kentucky in a few weeks (and get to see you and Teyla)- and am praying for cool, crisp weather, with lots of leaves in color... :)

  2. I agree.
    Time DOES go faster and faster and faster and it TOTALLY freaks me out.

    I'll be looking forward to the recap of summer. Not a nightmare, my friend. Refreshing!

  3. No time for stories here ... I'm just barely waking up out of the fog of the same nightmare you mention. We had a lot of run and relaxation over the summer, but to do that I had to put a lot of things on the "back burner." Now they're screaming for my attention and I must attend to them.

    This week, I'm sure, will be better. The Lord is so sweet in His grace upon us.

  4. this morning was cool and crisp and it was lovely but i was lamenting the loss of summer too. i know we'll have some warm days left though.

  5. So strange that you'd feel this way too. I was looking through my photos of summer, realizing that it is SO gone. I'd like a do-over, please.

    Funny thing, as it was happening, it seemed to go on FOR-EVAH, as I was huge, hot and pregnant. Now that the baby's here and I'm feeling myself again, I'd really like another chance at Summer, 2008.

  6. You know, I do think that time is going by faster then it ever did before. My kids are almost 9, 7, 4, and almost 2, and I swear this year the summer flew by faster then it did last year. I'm positive. It's uncanny. I think that every year with kids just goes faster and faster and faster. Ask anyone with grown kids, they will tell you that it flew by. I've never met a person with grown kids who didn't feel that way.

  7. I am a fall person, so I couldn't wait for summer to come to a close. And in our area, it really has changed to fall-ish weather quite quickly. But my fear is that I'll wake up to a bitter cold winter tomorrow!


  8. Can't wait! Bring on the stories and pics!

  9. My reality is a tad of a nightmare... i worked too much this summer and i can't believe that the sunshine is being blown away by the fall winds. sigh.

    But i am excited that my 3 year old is starting preschool and ballet next week.

  10. That was too funny.

    I'll look forward to the summer stories. I'm a fall person myself, but my kiddos aren't in school yet.

  11. You know, I feel exactly the same way. And I live in the south, where the weather was 90 today. But still the kids are back at school, the evenings are getting cool and I am pouting. Pouting that we did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING of consequence this summer. Which, in our case, is sadly true.

    Thanks for stopping by my place.

  12. What? Fall, you say? I know nothing of fall. SUMMER, it's still SUMMER.

  13. IT RAINED ALL SUMMER HERE. So summer felt about four minutes long.
    I had a nightmare last night that it was suddenly Christmas Eve and I had no stocking stuffers for my kids. Golly.

  14. It doesn't feel like fall yet, since it's still in the 80's here in my mountains. (Which is just WRONG!) But football is back, and I know that nip in the air is just around the corner. I love it. REALLY!

    So, I have to say HELLO FALL!! I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!

  15. You had 12 weeks off?!

    We only had 8. Our summer was more like a summ.

    I don't really have any summer stories from this year, so I am looking forward to yours.

  16. Hehe. I'm too busy turning my a/c to high and dodging hurricanes to feel the beginnings of fall.

    I love the idea of Summer in Review!

  17. I had the same feeling this year. In retrospect, we ate berries, we wore shorts, it was summer. Theoretically, time to relax and renew. But it went awfully quickly.
    Now I'm back in the land of eternal sunshine. I don't mean that positively. I love fall--I am hoping to live it vicariously through you and others this year.

  18. Like Joy, I reside below the Mason Dixon line, where summer is alive and well. Even so, come October!

  19. We are living in the same dream or nightmare, whatever your perspective. I was so determined to have the FULLEST summer, so that I wouldn't resent fall. Only half of my plan worked.

    I'm joining you on the summer recap. Technically fall doesn't start until the 22nd, so we need to live likes summer even if the thermometer is only registering at 60.