Update from The House of Ill

Quick update on The Sickness: It appears both Connor and Natalie have nothing more severe than the influenza. And despite the ill-fated incident with Connor and the couch yesterday, this is not the flu of the intestinal variety. He just throws up the first day of every phlegm-filled infection -- a trend line I noticed for the first time yesterday. Something about the quantities of slime in his stomach, I guess.

Thanks to Corey's freakish DNA (maybe he's part zombie), we're already on the mend. One more day of napping and Noggin, and we'll be ready to go again. Thanks for your well wishes.

Coming soon: A post that doesn't mention vomit. Teyla will be eight weeks old tomorrow. I'm breaking out the video.


  1. My daughter does that! (Vomit from mucous). Well, this IS the first time ever that I've left a comment with those two words in it, and in the same comment!! Lucky you! Glad they're on the mend. :)

  2. Glad everyone is one the mend and can't wait for videos to come!

  3. Well hallelujah. After reading your post and The Preacher's Wife's snot-filled post, I'm ready for some cute baby pictures! :-)

    Eight weeks already?! Good grief, time does fly!

  4. So glad that I waited to check in with you until after I'd cooked and sat down to eat my late supper! Yum! Don't worry, I minimized, finished, and am back full force!

    Seriously, just a couple of days! No fair! Well, I am glad for you guys! Enjoy your cartoons!


  5. I just got done reading the comments from the previous post.

    I think that I need to go to the bathroom now...

  6. Glad things are looking up at your house. Everyone has been hit hard this year.

    I have a kid who announces illnesses by throwing up once. It's his trademark.