It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like ...

... Easter.

What, doesn't everyone wake up to fresh snow on Easter morning?

It's something of a tradition in Minnesota -- especially when Easter has the audacity to land in March.

Needless to say, we didn't wear our Easter dresses to church this morning. Nor did we have an Easter egg hunt outside.

But that's OK. Because spring, as wonderful as it is, isn't Easter. And pretty pastel dresses aren't Easter. And chocolate bunnies and marshmallow chicks aren't Easter.

My Jesus -- He is Easter. And He's alive.

Did you feel the mountains tremble?

Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we've been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven—and the future starts now!


  1. I cannot EVEN imagine.

    I never have been into the Easter dresses deal, just because I got so fed up with the fashion parade at churches I've previously been at.

    But I do like knowing that there's new life in spring just as there's New Life in Christ.

    I'm SO glad I live in the south. You just keep that snow up there in Minnesota. I'll covet it at Christmas. :-)

  2. That is crazy!!

    Isn't it wonderful that God is God no matter if it is snowing or raining...whether we are in our best dress or tattered sweats...whether we are happy or sad.

    We serve an amazing God!!
    Happy Easter!!

  3. We went to the sunrise service at Stone Mountain this morning. We wore jeans and sweatshirts. It was quite freshing to just "be."

    It was also quite COLD, but it wasn't snowing. :)

  4. I, unfortunately, CAN imagine.

    Do you think everybody is sick of our whining? Every other post I write is about the snow. Or the lack of spring. or the snow.

    Happy snowy Easter!

  5. Brrrrr! But I love your wording in this post. Today is such a beautiful day.

  6. AMEN!!

    No snow, but it was too cold for dresses here, too. Not that I could find anything I liked anyway :-(

  7. I'm impressed you went to church at all. That much snow would have shut down my town for a week. :))


  8. But isn't it Purty? :)
    I think this is why church-goers on the Canadian prairies were so quick to jump on the whole casual-to-church bandwagon.
    Hose+snow=a not quite thankful heart.

    He is Risen!

  9. He is risen indeed! (I've wanted to say that all day!)

    Yeah, it's not really all that purty. Cold. Fairly black, gray and grimy after the melts and refreezes, and covered with a light layer of white! I'd trade it for spring in a heartbeat! I remember the sun, er Son rise service in Utah during my college years. Cold, yes, but possible! Not so much here!

    Happy Easter!


  10. I know! This is the first White Easter we've ever had.

    We always save the chocolate eggs for the day after Easter when they're on for half price. The girls are looking forward to going shopping today!

    That way Easter stays Easter.

    Hope you had a great one!

    Visit To Love, Honor and Vacuum today!

  11. The storm was awful.
    But God is good, and Easter makes me feel so happy, I sing just a little bit louder in church on Easter.

  12. What a mighty God we serve! It always amazes me how we add so much unncessary hype to all the unimportant things of Easter and often times forget the most important part, how ALIVE and AMAZING that God really is!

  13. BRRRR! Talk about wearing white after Easter! :-)

  14. There's snow around us (mini vacation) but we still wore Easter dresses to church (w/boots!) :)

  15. Wow!!! We had a few flurries Monday morning.. which was odd. I'm like Mocha with Linda, I like it here in the south... but I will be wishing for (a little) snow in the winter!

  16. Hope you had a wonderful holiday--spring can't be too far away, right?

  17. Even if the weather didn't get it right, you certainly seem to have the right idea about the importance of the holiday...

  18. I hesitate telling you this lest this little fact should diminish your fascination with Colorado... but we woke up to snow on Easter too. In fact, most of my Easter memories involve snow.

    But what was so magical this year, is that we went into church with a beautiful, sparkling layer of snow on everything, and when we came out of church it was all gone! We even shed our coats later and ventured outside for an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.

    But you're right... snow or no snow, Easter is about Jesus. The one who makes us white as snow. Hallelujah!