Maybe They Make Ear Seeds?

So my husband, who is on quite the gift-giving roll this year, gave me an iPod Shuffle for Valentine's Day.

Maybe you've heard of them? Tiny matchbox-sized boom boxes? The popular kids tell me they're all the rage. They don't intimidate little old ladies or shake the ozone when you carry them around on your shoulder, but I can live with that. I'm 36, after all.

Mine is mint green. (Much like my mini-van.) (Whoa. I am so not cool anymore.) It's sleek and shiny and chick.

Of course, my hipness factor was taken down a few notches when Connor glanced at my gift right after I'd opened it and said, "Oh! Papa has one of those!"

Which means my dad -- senior pastor, lover of God, Nano-owner and happy user of the senior discount at Denny's -- is cooler than me.

Pause and let that sink in.

Then, in maybe the ultimate insult, Connor decided I was probably too old to be trusted with this new technology and appropriated the Shuffle for his own use.


I especially love how, when I ask him who owns the Shuffle, there's this enormous pause while he figures out what to say.

But dang it if he isn't cute with it.

He especially loves to listen to "rock and roll." (That would be the Newsboys -- or the Newer Boys, as Connor often calls them.)

Sorry. I'm getting distracted by my son's cuteness.

Anyway. I love my Shuffle. (When I get to use it.) I really do. I especially get a kick out of not knowing which song will come next on my play list, because I have some seriously varied musical taste.

But the ear buds that came with it are the bane of my existence. No matter what I do, they won't stay in. They just keep popping out, like ... well, have you ever tried to stuff a large marshmallow into a thimble? It's pretty much like that.

Naturally, I looked to Google for a solution. And there are a lot of ear bud adjustment products out there. But most of them look like they are designed to keep an ear bud in an ear that is too large for the ear bud, not too small.

Corey pointed out that I could always plug in a a pair of antiquated ear-covering headphones. We have some leftover from the '80s. But I fear that will send my coolness quotient into a free fall, and Connor will never let me use the Shuffle again.

Any suggestions?


  1. Okay, when you find a solution, please post it. I find those ear buds to be the most uncomfortable objects invented, which means the ipod is only used when it is plugged into actual speakers. I think this makes me even less cool than the you sporting the '80's earphones.

  2. You know, everthing that once was cool does make its way back around, like Dr.Scholl's sandals, panchoes, embroidery on maybe you could bring back the antiquated earphones.:)...Make them cool again, please?...My ears would be so happy!:)

  3. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen. For real. I love that he wants it to be for all of you. MmmmHmmm.

    I found some earphone that fit all the way around your ears..I don't remember the brand. I'll do some searching.

    I would just go look at mine, however, they were (ahem) used by my offspring and have been misplaced.

    So. Go get that shuffle from Mr. Cute!!!

  4. Walker bought some at Best Buy that were small - like the size of um. Something small. Anyway, they were cylindrical instead of round like the ones that come with the ipods, which always either hurt my ears or popped out too. They totally worked. And he just got them at best buy.

    If my son had your shuffle, by the time you had finished filming, he would have broken it. He's gifted that way.

  5. I complained about the same thing, so for Christmas one year my husband gave me a bigger pair (not from Apple) that hook over my ear. They weren't any more comfortable.

  6. I was seriously sidetracked by your son's cuteness factor as well :)

    Re the ipod headphones...they can figure out how to make tangle-free extension cords, garden hoses, and hair, but not headphone wires? Seriously?

    I prefer over the head with ear buds. The ear buds stay in better when I'm running.
    These are my Faves:

    They are actually designed for sweat accumulation to drip off the ends of the set! Lovely thought, huh?

  7. I love the Newsboys too. Conner must be very cool. :-)

  8. The ones that hook over your ear work well. Walmart, Walgreens, Circuit City, Best Buy...I think they all carry them. ~Melanie

  9. I'm impressed you have your own iPod. I have to borrow my son's. They are way cooler than me and not afraid to tell it.

    As for the earbuds, we bought some jvc replacements at walmart for $10 that are just dandy. They come in colors - i think even a green? so maybe you could coordinate. :0

    And that boy of yours? Beautiful. I couldn't get the video to play but he had me at hello. :)


  10. They have those ear buds that are tapered at the ends. Maybe that would help. Or they do have cool headsets that hook over your ears.

    Good luck!

    BTW, you might as well get another shuffle since you're has already been claimed. LOL!

  11. Hey Kelly,

    I have found a pair of ear buds that fit really comfortably inside your ear, they are called Skull Candy. I got mine for $12.99 on sale at Target. I think you can get them on Amazon too. And they make them in colors to match your ipod! Or Connor's how ever you want to look at it.

  12. Sorry, here is a link to the pink ones I got to match my Ipod...

    Good luck!

  13. Kel, now we can be more than kindred spirits. Our ears have the same diminuitive problem. I hate the ipod earphones. They hurt me. I have decided this is because I am--WE ARE delicate flowers.
    But "mamabygrace" is SO RIGHT. Skull Candy is totally the way to go (does saying 'totally' like that make me cool?) They fit in little ears just right. Just remember to "be careful little ears what you hear...:o)"

  14. Hmm, perhaps you should stick with the old-school head phones(old-school = a cool way to say just plain old!) and I hear that bod ear phones are really bad for your ears. But- if you do get them, you must get a pair that go down under your hair behind your neck, instead of up over like a headband! They were cool just before the Ipod bod earphones became the rage!

    Yes, he's adorable! Isn't it funny how we are SO much better with sharing when it involves SOMEONE ELSE'S stuff? Yes, Mommy, we share, it's all of ours! How often would that same little doll be upset over everyone else using his neat-o new toy? Yeah, it's not really a two way street!

    Have fun,

  15. I got an iPod Nano for Christmas a year ago. I splurged and got some Bose In-Ear headphones (ear buds). I am so in love with those. Not only is the sound FANTASTIC, but they have different ear tips you can change to fit your ears. Won't ever use anything else.

  16. Uh, sorry, didn't hear the question - I was looking at this cute little boy with an iPod shuffle. The things these parents buy their kids now! I bet his mom doesn't even have one! :-)

    And that deal about "it's all of ours"? We'll just see how much he lets the rest of you use it. . .

    Too too cute. And I have nothing to offer on the ear problem. But that was a great visual about a marshmallow in a thimble!!

  17. I can't use ear buds either. They DO NOT stay in. I have no solution. None. Other than maybe super glue.

    I don't have a Shuffle even though I would love one. I'm almost positive I'd lose it within the first hour I owned one...

  18. Oh, and your son? Adorable!! I can TOTALLY see why you were distracted!

  19. I totally agree about the ear buds! They are made for a man's ears since my husband has no problem with them. Me? I just use the old fashion head phones. I may look like a dork, but my ears aren't screaming in pain so loudly that I can't hear my music! :)


  20. I like the ones that fit around the ear better than the pods. J still likes the ones that go over the head. They are all still available and smaller than in the 80's.
    Mama Bear