Thoughts from Room 250

First, let me say -- once again, and I'm sorry if I sound like a broken record here -- that I was incredibly warmed by your sincere congratulations this week. Thank you for helping me celebrate the arrival of our sweet little girl. I've had a smile on my face 24 hours a day lately, and you are no small part of that.

Second, I feel the need to set the record straight about a few things that I've been pondering ever since Sparkle's arrival on Wednesday.

Permission to speak freely, Captain?

For starters, I feel I may have led several of you astray. Sparkles Diamond is not our daughter's real name. That's just what Natalie, our sweet six-year-old daughter, wanted to name her baby sister. But since it sounds vaguely like the name of a 1960s Las Vegas showgirl, my husband and I vetoed her selection. (Although it has served us well as a nickname until we could come up with something better. Corey and I are terrible at deciding on names for our kids before they are born.)

I'm sure I'll still slip from time to time and call her Sparkles on my blog, but to end the confusion -- her real name is Teyla (pronounced TAY-lah) which is a feminine version of the male Hebrew name Telah. It's in the Bible, but the real reason we chose it has to do with its meaning, which is roughly translated "greenness" or "moistness."

To us, it carries the connotation of spring and freshness and new growth. And in the four years since our last baby, God has miraculously worked a "telah" in our dry and barren marriage. Our restored relationship is a work of redemption and grace that defies explanation. Teyla's name is a way for us to magnify The One who has made all things new.

So -- meet Teyla, the girl behind the Sparkles.

Another thing. Several of you mentioned that I looked impossibly awake and alert for an early morning induction. There is a reason for that.


Moving on: For the record, Teyla is the smallest baby I have ever given birth to.
Our firstborn, Natalie, was 8 pounds, 11 ounces (41 weeks). Connor was 8 pounds, 3 ounces (39 weeks). So both Corey and I were stunned when we were told Teyla only weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces -- especially since I gained the same amount of weight this pregnancy as the others.

(Curses be upon the Christmas cookies forever and ever.)

Translation: She is hopelessly tiny. We just can't get over it. If you were a fly on our wall right now, you'd hear: "Look at her little ears!" "My fist is bigger than her head!" "She is JUST SO TINY!"


We are completely in love with this little thing.

So now we're home -- since those pesky police were able to break through the barricades I'd put up to keep the hospital from discharging me last night. I truly cannot say enough good things about our stay -- even apart from The Blessed Epidural.

The nurses? Fantastic. Attentive. Caring.

My doctor? Supportive. Friendly. Encouraging.

The food? ... Well, not too bad, honestly. It was a little bland -- and in Minnesota, where much of the population considers ketchup too spicy, that's saying something -- but I didn't have to cook it, which was a huge treat.

Overall? (And come close here, because I'm going to whisper.) It was almost like staying at a spa. They kept a fully stocked snack bar right outside my room. (My husband used it to make me orange-cranberry juice cocktails. They tasted like the nectar of the gods to me. I drank at least 20 during our stay.) Physical therapists came around every day to see if I needed a massage. The nursing staff even practices aromatherapy. I had peppermint oil in my labor room, and before I was discharged yesterday, one of the nurses drew me a bath scented with lavender.

It was relaxing. And special. And I got to spend tons of time admiring Teyla with my husband.

Or maybe that just proves that I'm a mom with young children at home who needs to get out more. I don't know.

I just know I was sad to leave last night.

Besides, whenever we leave the hospital, my heart squeezes a little. Because I recognize that time is moving on. Teyla was just born Wednesday, and surely, she's still very young and tiny (have I said that yet?) and full of promise. But the clock keeps ticking, no matter how much I want it to stop and let me savor a moment for just a bit longer.

But those are quite melancholic thoughts for such a precious weekend.

You know what? My birthday is tomorrow. But I've already been given my favorite gift for this year.

God's goodness is extravagant.


  1. I am honored to leave the first comment- thanks for coming downstairs to let me know you posted. :)
    1- You are such a beautiful writer. It is truly a gift.
    2- Teyla is so cute- and so tiny! The first picture you put up is precious.
    3 You had not told me about this hospital/spa stay in detail. I was happy with Kaiser- your hospital stay sounded amazing! This is just another reason to move here before we have baby #2!
    4 Let me be the first to say, Happy Birthday! We are so glad that we can be here to celebrate it with you. :)

  2. WHAT?!?! Birthday?!?! Ahhhhh!

    You know a guy can't keep track of more than one thing at a time! I've been focused on the birth date of Sparkles, er. Teyla! Couldn't you have given me a more advanced warning?

    I'll be coming to bed late tonight honey. I think there's a 24-hour WalMart or somthing around here...

  3. Well, that does it. I can't wait to have another baby. Teyla is awesome. What a gift! Happy birthday to you!

  4. Oh, dear - and I had just reconciled myself to the fact that I am apparently getting too old to have more babies. She is so cute! Isn't it amazing that they grow up into people?

  5. That last photo . . . . beautiful!!! Such a wonderful, wonderful post.


  6. I love the name Teyla! Never heard it before, but it's beautiful. Congratulations on your precious daughter!

  7. You've chosen a beautiful name for your little sweet pea. I don't live anywhere near Minnesota, but I am going to be hoping for a hospital like that in about 11 weeks.

  8. You may need to have another baby just to get back to that hospital for a few days!

    I love Sparkles' name, I mean her real name, it is beautiful and I love the wonderful meaning behind it. Your thoughts are so beautiful, I can't imagine how exhausted you must be and still able to put such eloquent thoughts down in print.

    Now stop commenting on blogs and get some rest!

    And have a wonderful Birthday! You deserve it!

  9. Your baby girl is just precious! And she IS tiny! :D

    Her name is just beautiful as well, especially to hear the meaning behind it. We were big on the meanings of all of kids' names too.

    Congrats and Happy Bday!

  10. Sigh. I loved reading that. It put a smile on my face and in my heart. I can just smell that sweet newborn baby-ness and feel that fuzz on her head.

    She is an absolute doll. A precious gift to you, and what a gift to her for God to entrust her to your care.

    Happy Birthday!

  11. I LOVE the story behind Teyla's beautiful name. (I thought it was cute how you called her Sparkles due to your daughter's dreamy suggestion...)God is in the restoration business, and Teyla is your little monument to His extravagant goodness in your marriage. Hallelujah! She is absolutely beautiful!

    And talk about extravagant...your hospital sounds like quite the spa. How wonderful for you. Wish all hospitals were as luxurious and wonderful.

    Finally - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kelly!

  12. She's beautiful! Congratulations! I really liked the name Sparkles! :) JK! That would be a cute nickname growing up though. I remember when one of my sisters was born I begged my mom to name her Hosanna (like Sandi Patti's song!).

  13. Oh my goodness she is absolutely beautiful! I love her name, and love the meaning behind it.

    Enjoy every second with her- makes me just want another one!

    (And I'm with you; after the birth of my second daughter I was extremely content to stay in the hospital where there was an endless supply of sweet tea and snacks. If massages, peppermint oil aromatherapy and lavender baths were offered I would still be there- 9 years later!)

  14. Happy almost Birthday!!

    I love Teyla's sweet name and the meaning behind it. So precious.

    I love reading your blogs (though I feel like you need to be sleeping!!). You have such a wonderful outlook on her birth. Rather than post about the lack of sleep, pain, etc. you are focusing on your daughter. Though I am hoping the blogs on lack of sleep and pain come quickly before I decide that I want a baby!!

  15. Umm . . . shoot, and here I really thought her name was Sparkles Diamond! Teyla is a beautiful second place, though!


  16. Congratulations Kelly on such a beautiful baby girl!!! What a blessing to be in such a caring hospital that nurtured you. And, Happy Birthday to you!!!


  17. Wow, sign me up for a stay at that hospital, glad you were pampered. That baby girl is sooooo cute. I could eat her up!

  18. Oh my goodness she's beautiful! And you'll have to laugh--I thought she looked so big! After having a 4 1/2 pounder (Addison), anything over 5 pounds looks huge to me! But I know what you're saying--Grayson was 8 1/2, and compared to him, Addison looked like a baby puppy.

    Anyway, she is precious, and you look amazing! Congratulations :)

  19. What a wonderful post about the blessing that children really are. I am so glad that things are well in your world. It sounds like God has loved you and your family "well" these last few days. Keep us posted on everything and Happpy Birthday this week! I so enjoy reading.

  20. How sa-weet! She's gorgeous and I am so with you on the hospital stay, I didn't want to go home either!

  21. Oh she's gorgeous!!

    But a WHOPPER in my book. My babies were all 6 lbs. give or take a couple counces. I just tucked those little boogers under my arm like a football and went about my business. :)

    I'm so incredibly happy for your family. And her name is just divine!


  22. Again, she is a beautiful little girl with a name fitting her.

    Happy, happy birthday to you!

  23. First Corey and Kelly, congratulations on the little one she is precious.
    Second, I'm sorry but I see a lot of her dad. I KNOW she will grow up and take your looks (Kelly) instead of dads, because she is just so darn B-E-A-utiful.

    PS-Happy Birthday, do you want anything from Iraq?

  24. She is beautiful :) and I love the name. I wish I was as cute as you when I was pregnant.

  25. I am so glad that I stopped by your blog. I'm a frequent reader but never the "commenter!" I knew that baby was due soon and I just happened to see you on the LPM blog and thought I'd come check things out!!

    BOY! She is just beautiful! You wrote about her so sweetly. I bet she is just the cutest thing you've seen...... in 4 years! :)

    Congratulations and may God bless you all as you raise this new and perfect gift from Him.

    Oh yeah, Happy Birthday!


  26. lovely name. and don't you look beautiful even with a huge belly chugging coffee.

    i agree, the hospital stay with my 3rd was wonderful. we had originally planned to stay only one night then we found out our insurance would pay for 2 and so we stayed two. it was better on me than my husband. he had a fold out bed and i had the wonderbed that adjusted for all cirumstances.

  27. I've commented on this post already, but since I'm new at your blog I thought I'd poke around read some past entries.... I really enjoyed them! I find it amazing how God speaks through people you don't even know in such a deep way. Thank you for your blog! I learned a bit and laughed a lot!

  28. I still think you look amazing! And Teyla is adorable. Congratulations!

    An Island Life

  29. Beautiful! Beautiful baby, beautiful name, beautiful story behind the name, beautiful mom, beautiful post...

    How great is our God, the Beautiful One Himself, the gracious giver of all things good and beautiful!

    Rejoicing with you!

  30. Oh, my heart. Serious flutterings and spasms in my uterus right now.

  31. Kelly, I'm reading all the posts I've missed lately, since I'm a new fan, and I just love watching, as a fly on the wall, your beautiful life unfolding in yet another branch. This baby is gorgeous. That hair is totally adorable. And you are a beautiful mom with a beautiful spirit. My heart kind of hurts for all the new babies who won't go home with a mom like you, but that won't stop me from rejoicing that moms like you exist. God bless!