A Little Link Love

I can't seem to get much done right now. It's so much more fun to watch Teyla sleep.

But while my laundry needs folding and my bathroom is growing fuzz, I am somehow managing to stay up on my blog reading. Because I can do that while nursing. Which is what I do about 18 hours a day right now.

Thus, I'm posting a little link love -- the posts I've read over the last few days that made me think, pray and laugh so hard I almost scared my baby. (And can we just say -- riotous laughter + latched on nursing baby = OW!)
Have fun reading! And stay warm. Because while I have no doubt some of you are sitting in a puddle of 70-degree sunshine, it's stinkin' cold here right now. (Yes, that's a technical term.) As my favorite local blogger said this morning:
This is the warmest day we will see this week. It’s 2 below right now. Now you understand why the Vikings would set their beards on fire before running into battle. There should be some modern version of this, no? A nice warming gel you could put on your face and set on fire. Put on a tight fireproof cap, slather the fire-sauce on your face, flick a Bic, and shovel the walk in comfort. Only one thing: until it was released to the general public, we’d have to keep the invention completely secret from the potheads.

Anyway, it’s cold.


  1. What is it about watching those newborns sleep? I could do it for hours...

  2. Thanks for the fun posts to check out! Hope all is well.

  3. Enjoy your little one! I'm pretty sure it's next week that she'll be going to Kindergarten! (well maybe not that quick!)

    And yep, it's cold. "They" have said that 0 may be our high by the weekend! I'm jealous that you get to stay home and cuddle!


  4. I'm always looking for new blogs. Thanks for the links!

  5. Brrr. I'm so glad I live in Texas!!!

    I seriously need to get to bed but had to see if there was any news from the baby world. I'll come check out those posts tomorrow!

  6. You know if you were here I'd be begging you to let me babysit her :)

  7. I grew up in St. Louis Park, although I currently live in Southern Maryland. I feel your pain. :)

  8. Thanks for those links. I spent a chunk of time reading the other day and getting lost in those blogs. So funny!

    I keep checking back to see more pictures of precious Teyla!

    Hope all is well in your post-partum house. :)

  9. Enjoy that beautiful baby!
    I can't think of anything better to be doing than watching her sleep.

  10. Hey, I can leave a comment now! Thanks.
    More pictures, please, when you get a minute.