What I Did Today

This is how bad it is: Today, I sat.

I didn’t clean. (At least, not until after the sun set.) I didn’t make the beds. (Which is one of the signs of the end of the world as we know it.) I didn’t pick up toys. (Another sign. I’m nothing if not a neat freak.) I didn’t do anything productive.

I just sat.

I sat and tried to breathe. That breathing thing – I hear it’s important. But it’s darn near impossible for me to get a lungful of air these days, between the baby squishing my respiratory cavity and my nose congesting.

I sat and tried to force my heart to beat at a calmer pace. It’s not exactly racing, but it’s speed-walking when I do anything that requires exertion – such as trying to breathe through a congested nose – and I really don’t like it.

I sat and stared out my window at the sun glinting off the snow. I sat and watched my four-year-old son play “guys” with the new kitchen utensils my Mom gave me last night. (The cookie dough scoop was a particular hit.) I sat and thought of all the things I should be doing. Mondays are usually my catch-up day, after all, the day when I get all my housework done so I can have fun the rest of the week.

But today, I just sat and faced reality: I’m not a multi-tasker right now. I’m hardly even an uni-tasker. (Any other Alton Brown fans out there?) I’m just a pitiful little Heffalump (an oxymoron, if there ever was one) who is 34 weeks pregnant and almost 36 years old. I can’t do it all anymore. I can’t even try.

And it bugs me.

I like being productive. When I’m not pregnant, I have a ridiculous amount of energy. (No, you may not ask how much coffee I drink.) I don’t do lazy very well. I’m always moving, fidgeting, planning, organizing, scheming. An empty to-do list makes me nervous.

Yet, here I am. Sitting. Stuck. Still. Too tired to do much of anything.

I’m not happy about it. But I also know God is God in every season of my life. My prayer is that He’ll use the remaining weeks of this pregnancy to teach me how to abide. That my worth is not wrapped up in completed tasks. That very often, I let the urgent and busy things of my life distract me from the important and valuable.

And that today, sitting was the right thing to do -- both for me and for Sparkles. (Have I told you that's what my six-year-old daughter wants to name her baby sister? Sparkles Diamond. "It's beautiful," she sighs, dreamily.)

So how about you? What did you do today?


  1. My dear "pitiful little Heffalump,"

    Today you did sat and did nothing? This morning at 7:30 you went out in below zero degrees windchill to take my daughter to a Christian school, where she can gain a good education and learn about the Lord who made her and loves her.

    You then came back to a house that you've made into our home, and watched, played and loved my happy, healthy and impish son.

    Later while you were still doing nothing, you emailed a comic to me at work, because you knew it would make me smile. It shared an inside joke we have together, reminded me of you, and brought a moment of joy to my otherwise staid office job.

    Then you went back out into the cold to pick up my daughter from school, anxious to be on time so that she wouldn't be waiting outside in the cold.

    I left work and walked in to a welcoming, cheerful home, with the sounds of Christmas music, the laughter of little ones, and received a warm, loving hug and kiss from a tired but "truly glad to see me faithful bride of nearly fifteen years who said I looked really good."

    Oh, and did I mention the vacuum cleaner that was out and had obviously been used, a playroom that was completely picked up, kids that had been dressed and fed, and ...?

    So, looks like you sat and did nothing today. Just a limp, pitiful little Heffalump. Just sat and did nothing...except be a wonderful mom, homemaker, helpmeet, companion, and oh, that little, insignificant thing about growing our newest little girl for the family I love so much.

    Perhaps someday I could do and be so little, that I might just once do as much as you did today for four living souls who depend upon you so much for so much.

    I love you. Thanks for all you did for us today.

  2. Well you did something today--you gestated--that's something :)

    Corey's comment is sweet too.

  3. oh you poor thing. i would sit and do nothing too if i were that pregnant.

    my daughter wanted to name our baby "stick" before he was born. we didn't go with that one.

  4. So, I was going to leave a comment about all that I did today and then I read Coreys...and I can't top that. What a wonderful husband you have!!

  5. How sweet is Corey? That was just beautiful.

    There are seasons where it is just day by day. You are needing rest or you wouldn't be resting!! Enjoy the last few weeks before your baby is born. There will be plenty to do after your sweet baby arrives...and then sitting may not be an option! All those to-do things will still be there tomorrow...

  6. There is nothing that I can really say after that beautiful post by Corey. WOW!

    Sit now, relax and put your feet up...you need this time to rest up!

  7. Okay - wiping my eyes after reading what you're hubby wrote...

    We're at OPPOSITE ends of the spectrum, I'm afraid. However, I was pregnant with my third child (also a girl) when I was 34, and it's true. You CAN'T do it all. It sounds like you're doing exactly what you NEED to be doing right now. Resting. Abiding. Loving.

    Be blessed.

  8. Me too, left practically speechless by Corey's comment. Made me cry, sniff sniff.

    Two great writers in one family, what are the odds?