Random Thoughts, Christmas Version

The house of Love Well had a wonderful Christmas, thank you for asking. It was relaxing and truly low-key. Because we have so little family in the area (and the family we do have, my in-laws, left on Christmas Day to spend the next four months in a warmer climate), it was just the husband, me and our 2.5 kids celebrating the birth of Jesus together. We had no other commitments.

And I don’t know how we managed to get away with it, considering we have a four-year-old and a six-year-old in our house, but we did not get up at the stroke of dawn to open gifts. In fact, as I was tucking the kids into bed on Christmas Eve, our daughter said to me, “Mom, we don’t need to get up early tomorrow to open presents. I think I’ll just get up with Connor and watch TV. And then you and Dad can get ready and take a shower. And then we’ll have breakfast and get our clothes on. And then we’ll open presents.”

Ummmm. Alrighty then. Splendid idea!

And that’s pretty much the way our Christmas morning went – except we put off breakfast (which was really more of a brunch, since it’s genetically impossible for me to eat a Christmas breakfast before noon) until after the gift-opening frenzy. And I didn’t take a shower beforehand either. It just feels like a pajama week to me. After all, why get dressed when you are doing nothing but sleeping, eating, playing games and attempting to to walk up the stairs without collapsing into a fit of contractions?

Besides, we haven’t seen the sun much this week. The sky has been very gray, the temperature in the 20s (you knew it was coming back to the weather, didn’t you?) and it’s been snowing on and off since Christmas afternoon. Pajamas are necessary for hibernation.

(Oh, and speaking of the Christmas snow. It was gorgeous. Huge, fluffy, sparkling flakes that piled up like goose down. Here are a few pictures that really don't do it justice. But I had to share.)

OK. Obviously, there’s not much news to report on this end. Tomorrow, I’ll be back with an update on the pregnancy (complete with belly shots). Turns out, “Sparkles” might be here sooner than we previously thought.

I’d better get that nursery ready.

At least I can do that in my pajamas.


  1. Oh, I wish we could get snow like that here! I haven't seen fluffy snow like that in years....(wistful sigh) I just got some sleety/slush Christmas night that melted by midmorning. :-(

    I can't make snow cream with that!

  2. low key-that sounds nice-

    we tried to hard to see everyone and I now regret that decision...just a slow morning would have been great...and somewhere in the madness that was Christmas morning for me-I forgot the rolls!!! Not just any rolls, THE rolls! The rolls I only make once a year that everyone would gladly burn a tastebud or two to get a lick from the pan! Oh yes-those rolls....how could I? I tried to make up for it by whipping up some banana nut panacakes and fresh fruit. Although no one complained and seemed relativly happy with the substitute-it just wasn't the same....(sigh)

  3. Ok. I am jealous of not getting up at 5:36 a.m. I am jealous of staying in your pjs all day. Mostly I am jealous of your snow!! Oh, to have snow.

    Can't wait to hear about Sparkles! I was just wondering when she'd be making an appearance!!

  4. I was totally thinking you were busy having Miss Sparkles and that's why there wasn't a recent post!
    Can't wait to meet that little one!

    My goal was to spend Christmas night to New Years Day in my pjs, unfortunately it didn't happen but I am trying my darndest to be dressed the least amount of time possible! It has just been a little too cold to go sledding in my pjs.

  5. Sounds like we had similar Christmas days - we have no family either, and for the first time in, ummm, EVER, I took a shower and got dressed BEFORE opening gifts.

    LOVE your snow pix. We still have our A/C cranked, however a cold front is heading our way. The highs for Wed. & Thurs. will be in the mid-50's. Brrrrrrr. Bet they'll close our schools.

    And, in yet another shared event...My sister in Michigan had her baby late last night, an 8 lb. 1oz. boy.

    Hope you're feeling well - can't wait to see your tum pix!

  6. sounds like a nice christmas. and just think, you have another wonderful gift coming. i had a baby in january and i remember christmas feeling like the best was yet to come.

  7. Sounds like the perfect Christmas to me! Especially the snow!