The One Where God Keeps Me Humble

OK. God has a sense of humor.

Just hours after I mock San Diego mercilessly for being such a weather wimpy city, it goes and gets real rain. Yesterday's storm was actually worse than predicted. (Which is rare. It's usually the other way around.) The airport, which is downtown, only recorded .73 inches (and yet that still set a new record, which tells you something about San Diego's arid climate), but coastal areas in North County reported totals of almost two inches. And inland, where the devastating fires burned in October, rainfall totals were upward of four, even six inches. All told, yesterday's storm delivered the most rain San Diego has seen in one day in more than a year.


Thankfully, God didn't humiliate me
completely. The storm predicted to hit Minnesota did come through and deliver a punch of snow. It's still coming down outside my window, so I can't give totals yet. But I would guess we have close to six inches on the ground right now.

Here's the scene off my back deck:

Here's the snow piling up against our patio door; the kids love this:

And here's the scene inside my house:

Because what good is the first snowstorm of the year if you aren't going to hibernate a little?

Oh, and this? This is simmering on my stove:

The world's best chili. I've only made it once before, and boy, am I excited about dinner tonight. It smells like Tex-Mex heaven in here -- cumin, chili powder, brown sugar, bay leaves. It's a cornucopia of aroma. (And the cinnamon-sugar smell of the homemade donuts I made for brunch is still perfuming the air too.)

Maybe I'll even whip up a pan of cornbread. And some fresh chocolate-chip cookies.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.


  1. Far too ambitious for a snow day! I ran out of steam by about noon! Just watching the white stuff come down, and down, and down! I love it! Mostly I love that it's happening on a day that I am not commuting to work! Yippee!

    I bet I'm just an hour or so East of you, so our totals should be neck in neck!


  2. We were just talking about using our rainy day for some cooking time, too. Lefse anyone?

  3. I'm jealous! It looks like a perfect day. But as much as I romanticize the idea of living in the snow I just don't think I'm cut out for it. I really hate to be cold! Enjoy your storm ~ Kristin

  4. I believe that my skin tone has suddenly tinged slightly green.

    Enjoy it, girl.

  5. Beautiful day. We had a bunch of snow too. It looks beautiful and perfect timing, we just put up our tree today.


    I'm new to your blog, please feel welcomed to visit mine.

  6. I know you are loving your winter storm! We had a wicked ice storm on Saturday and today, it has all turned to slush. It's lovely.
    And you my dear, are lovely too...which is why I left a gift for you at my blog.

  7. As much as I HATE winter...the first real snow is always so "post-worthy!" Have posted my own snow photos as well...we went up to our lake place on Gull Lake on the weekend...and awoke to some pretty fabulous snow scenes.

    That's a nice way of saying....we were stuck until the snow plow came I took some pictures!!!!!

    ;) Stay warm! Diane

  8. Coziness! That is what I love about winter. Recipe looks delic. too!

  9. Ahhh, snow. We haven't had a significant snow in the South in at least 14 years. When we lived in NC we had a goo blizzard in 2001.

    Soup on the stove and cookies in the oven sound like heaven to me...enjoy yourself!


  10. don't you love it when it's cozy on the inside and cold on the outside.

  11. coming from a fellow midwesterner (Who's 'winter storm' ended up turning into freezing rain over about an inch of powder)I can say you are a little demented to love snowstorms so much. I'm going to remind you of this post in February! :O)

  12. It is definitely "Chili" weather here, too. LOVE me a good bowl of chili!