Can't ... Breathe ....

Hot. Freakishly hot. And humid. So humid. On Saturday, it was 90 degrees with a dewpoint in the upper 60s. (Which I believe is equivalent to the average humidity level in New Delhi. Or Houston. Whichever is worse.)

It's supposed to be back to "normal" (whatever that is) by mid-week. The forecast Wednesday calls for sun, dry air (dewpoint in the 30s, for the other weather geeks out there) and temperatures in the mid-60s.

If it happens, I will be a happy camper. Because have I mentioned that I'm six months pregnant? And I have no summer maternity clothes -- only jeans and sweater coats and turtleneck sweaters? And I live in a three-story townhouse where the bedroom level -- top level, naturally -- never seems to cool down, no matter how high the AC is set? And my lungs, they are being squished?

Oy. This is Minnesota, people. We shouldn't be wearing shorts and flip-flops to rake the leaves and watch football.

We now end this rant and return you to your normal Monday morning activities.


  1. Wow, it shore was hot, wasn't it? I'm not too far across the border in Wisconsin, and I was sweating something fierce! Yep, I turned on my central air for the weekend. From 87F to 47F forecasted later this week. Craziness!

    Hope today was better for you.


  2. Welcome to my world...down South, that is!

  3. Oy! If your inability to breathe wasn't quite so serious, I'd be laughing out loud at your post! We're Minnesoooootan's after all....we LOVE the heat! We know layers.....start with the coolness of the morning with a sweater or two...and by noon, we're on the roof in our bathing suits with baby oil, suntanning!

    Hope you are feeling better now that Fall seems to have officially arrived!

    There's a cool breeze (o.k., I lied, it's a typhoon out there!) blowing in our back yard, shuffling the fall leaves about as the geese migrate south. So wish I could do the same...I HATE winter!



  4. I loved being pregnant in the winter...when it was actually cold enough to bundle up that is.

    Nothing better than cuddling that big ole belly in a sweater. Not to mention it was much more attractive than me 9 months pregnant in September wearing shorts...yuck.

    Is it cooler this week???? It is down south and I am LOVING it! ;)