That was a test. It was only a test.

I haven't been online much this week, thanks to a crazy schedule in which I try to cram half of my summer activities into seven days. I've Twittered a little, only because it's easier to to compose something of 140 characters or less on six hours of sleep while chaos reigns around me than it is to blog something coherent.

Exhibit A: The last sentence.

The rest of you, however, have been writing fiends.

I signed on to my Bloglines account today and saw at the top of the page "My Feeds (263)."

So I did something I've never done before. I cherry-picked a few blogs I just had to read, and then I hit that magic, reset button that says, "Mark all as read."


The fact that I've never done that before tells you something. First, it says I have a healthy streak of determination. "I don't care if there are 148 new posts today! I will get through them all!"

It's a character quality that comes in handy when you are writing a breaking news story for a newscast that starts in just 60 seconds, even as the newsroom around you erupts with "f-bombs" and the screams of frustrated video editors.

It's not such a great characteristic for Mom who has three children, because she might start to see said children as distractions meant to be blocked out so she can accomplish something, dang it, instead of precious gifts whom she loves beyond measure.

Second, it tells you I have too many blogs in my Bloglines account, owing to my insatiable need for community and laughter.

I am a sanguine, first and foremost. That means my motivating factor in life is fun. It's my drug, my high, my craving. I'm energized by people -- by talking to them, by listening to them, by the interaction. Blogging allows me to have conversations -- even relationships -- with intelligent, funny, strong people without ever having to leave my house.

That's been especially important this last year since we're new the community -- read: I have virtually no friends here -- and I had a baby, which compounds the isolation. I would be a dried-up, brittle pod right now if not for the blogging world.

But -- and this is an important but -- sometimes, it's good to step back and remind myself that I'm not as important as I think I am. That my children and husband can be pretty darn intelligent, funny and smart -- even though they don't have blogs. That God is my satisfaction, not my list of accomplishments.

It's especially pertinent to be reminded of these truths right now, because next week, I'll be going to family camp (for the first time ever), and I intend to be off-line all week. (Unless there's severe weather, because if the sky grows dark, I need my radar.)

In all honestly, I feel a little tremulous at the prospect of being away. I hate to miss things -- especially if they are fun. I hate to be out of contact with my friends -- especially if they are fun. I hate to feel like I'm neglecting something -- especially if it's fun.

But I know having a week-long fast away from the blogging world will be good for me. It will be a time of refreshment.

Plus, Corey doesn't believe I can do it. So now I have to, just to spite him.

I love investing in my family.


  1. And just when I'm getting started you leave for a week. I managed to get photos on the blog, but the spacing is all messed up.

    I'll miss you. Have fun at family camp !!!!

  2. Oh, great. Make the rest of us look bad. Thanks a lot.

    Have a great week, though! I've eyed some of those family camp things, but have never tried one. Let us know how it goes.

  3. Good for you. I know all too well about not seeing our children the way we should see them because we have stuff that needs to get done. Except that blogging probably shouldn't fall in that category.

    Have fun at Family Camp. I totally get the fact that Corey telling you that you can't do it will motivate you. It would seal the deal for me. Have a good break.

  4. Perspective is a V-A-L-U-A-B-L-E thing that can usually only be had by stepping away. May God order your priorities!

  5. You read too many blogs, girl!

    I know what you mean about the online community...I have gotten a lot out of it.

    I can't wait to hear all about family camp, I've always thought that would be fun to do!

  6. I hit "mark all as read" all the time when there's a 100 or's the underacheiver in me, if it looks too hard I just give up ;)

    Have a wonderful vacation and I promise to keep my posts dull and boring while you are away...and maybe for awhile even after you're back...

  7. "she might start to see said children as distractions meant to be blocked out so she can accomplish something, dang it, instead of precious gifts whom she loves beyond measure"

    Ouch! Yesterday was such a long day in general, and I found myself one snappish turtle of a Mom only wanting to work on the computer. Then I had a nightmarish flash of my children remembering that image of me hunched over a blog account. Double ouch! I get it; now, I must do something about it.

    Have a great Family Camp week! You'll be missed, but for all the right reasons.

  8. ok tell me 3 of your favorite blogs. i need to add some new ones to my bloglines. i think i read too fast. i'm always looking for more good stuff.

  9. I have this kind of personality too. Where I am always the last to leave somewhere because I just know the fun can continue!! You are right though, "real life" family must come first and it sounds like you are going to have a wonderful time. And just think of the great stories you will have when you return :)

    Enjoy your trip...

  10. Well done.
    Have a super week with your babies!

  11. Whatever. You'll be taking "blog idea notes" on paper the whole week.

  12. Have fun! I'll miss you, but I guess that's just one less blog I have to keep up with next week! :-)

  13. Great, great blog!

    I found you via Whittaker Woman. If you have a moment to stop by my blog, I just posted a feel good story of our friends who just returned from China. CNN did a feature on them.

    Roxanne Kristina

  14. "Dried up, brittle pod"

    LOL! Totally know what you mean. But MANY kudos to you for knowing when to say enough is enough, and devote time to the real life that you need to live!

  15. I've never marked all read before, but I've never had THAT many to read- wow! Every once in a while I go through and shorten my bloglines completely, but I find that it's harder and harder to part with so many blogs I want to read!


  16. I'm having a bit of a blogging break this week and it's gone better than I expected. It's been good for me to step back and enjoy my kids without constantly checking blog updates. I miss my blogging friends though. They are my community since I live in a place where I don't have any friends either.

  17. That my children and husband can be pretty darn intelligent, funny and smart -- even though they don't have blogs.

    What??? You think??

    Well. Ok. Maybe.

    But just think how more fabulous they would be if THEY had blogs...

  18. "That God is my satisfaction, not my list of accomplishments" I love that! So true but so easily forgotten. Thanks for the reminder! And I think we may have been seperated at birth.

  19. i

  20. Dang! I freak out if I have 42 blog postss to read...

  21. Ahh, the life of a blogger. I pray that you find some true face to face friends where you are!

  22. Elle said exactly what I wanted to say. EXACTLY. Except she said it better.

    Enjoy your week!

  23. Wow. You just went with it and cleared 'em all out? You're a bigger woman than I. Well, not literally, obviously. I resemble a beached whale with this swollen tum. You're a braver woman. I meant braver.

    I started twitching today. I think it's Kelly withdrawal. Come back! (But I do hope you're having a great time!)

  24. I miss you, Kelli.

    Please tell Corey to let you come back. Just long enough to say hi to me or Twitter or something. :)

    j/k hope you are enjoying your break, my friend!

  25. I just wanted you to know that you totally inspired me. I had approximately seven billion saved posts in my bloglines and I said, "If Kelly can do it, so can I." And I hit "Mark as Read."

    And nothing happened. They're all still there.

    DANG it.

  26. Kelly, I love reading your blog, so your absence will definitely be missed by me. I hope you have a wonderful time investing in your family!!
    Hurry back soon. It's definitely less fun without you!!!

  27. Okay Corey... it's been a week. She proved you wrong. Now give her back.

  28. I just returned from a five-week-long trip which involved being away from my computer... when I got home, there were over 2000 new posts in Bloglines. And I only have 70 feeds. I did a bit of cherrypickin' too and hit that same button.

    And that part about the kids? Mmmhmm... that's all I have to say. Sigh.