Thankful (A Partial List)

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I am thankful for food, because cooking is one of my favorite forms of play. I spent eight hours in my kitchen today, and tonight, I wear the satisfied smile of an artist who spent time with her muse.

I am thankful for the dried Play-Dough on my floor, because it kept my toddler occupied for 30 whole minutes.

I am thankful for my camera, because it allows me to collect everyday moments and keep them forever, like polished stones in my pocket.

I am thankful for poets, because their words scatter into the crevices of my soul and crack wide the soil packed hard by routine practicality.

I am thankful for my body, because it is strong, if a bit lumpy, and it has born four babies.

I am thankful for Zumba, because I come alive when I dance.

I am thankful for flannel sheets.

I am thankful for my home, this gift I scarcely dared hope for during years of transition. It is nothing like what I used to envision, yet it is everything I've ever wanted.

I am thankful for the gap in Teyla's front teeth, because it is adorable and it reminds me that perfection is not required for beauty.

I am thankful for Connor's infectious laugh, because it lights up the very air with joy.

I am thankful for new friends who enliven, encourage and energize. I feel like I've stumbled onto a secret cave of treasure, and I stagger under the exquisite richness around me.

I am thankful for old friends who knew the me I used to be, who see the me I am and who give me hope I will be the me I want to become.

I am thankful for my siblings, scattered though we may be. They have grown into some of my favorite people. If the four of us lived near each other, we would surely end up like the Bravermans, and I'm not sure anyone needs that much drama in their lives.

I am thankful for music because makes the intangible beat of my heart real.

I am thankful for parents who's unconditional love was as common and expected as the bottomless tin of homemade cookies in the kitchen cupboard, third drawer down. To have love be as ordinary and as decadent as a Chocolate Crinkle is a gift I still can't measure.

I am thankful for Natalie, who picked up every room in the house tonight just because she knows clutter drives me slightly batty.

I am thankful for Kieran's zest for life, even if he wakes me up at 6:00 AM to show me his "new" big boy bed, for the thousandth time.

I am thankful that the sun rose again this morning. Glory.

I am thankful Corey is home this week, because now I am whole.

I am thankful for a God who redeems and renews and restores, who wastes nothing, who loves without end, who is defined by grace.

I am thankful. My soul overflows with gratitude.

Lord, may it always be so.

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  1. No comment, just quiet tears of love and thankfulness for you.