On Writing Goofy -- and Calling it Good

You know what’s goofy?

I’m not a serious person in real life.

Yes, I love to think and I’m passionate about discovery and I only read nonfiction and I listen, religiously, to NPR. (And then I bore my husband to tears with all the retelling of interesting stories and conversations. Pray for him.)

But those are my inner workings, my deep life.

On the surface? I’m a people person. I love to laugh. I really love to make you laugh. I love meeting new people and eating new foods and I get bored easily. I’m an extrovert. I wear bright colors. I puffy-pink-heart 80s music.

You might not know this if you only read my blog.

True, I did set myself up to blog about Sabbath for 31 Days. Not a frivolous subject, that. And yes, I do think writing is where my soul indulges itself and works out the quiet mysteries that I might not express to you if I were to meet you for coffee.

But good gravy. Lately, my inner sanguine is chomping at the bit for a little freedom. I’ve been trying to keep her quiet, because I still haven’t finished my 31 Days of Sabbath series and the Compassion bloggers are writing this week and Orphan Sunday just wrapped up and shouldn’t I be writing for Jesus?

But then I step back and look at the blogs I love to read and I think about all these creative, quirky, deep and funny friends I’ve made online. And I realize Jesus is our life, even when we are sharing about that time the baby ate her sister’s Polly Pocket shoes. It’s all for His glory. It’s all a gift.

I just want to share it.

So permission granted? The next few posts will be less meaningful, more trivial, more me. I promise I’ll finish 31 Days of Sabbath. (Eleven posts to go on that front. I’m actually excited to share a few more thoughts over the next few weeks – and this time, to really think about it, instead of rushing to get it written by an outside time frame.) (Whoops! There goes serious, organized Kelly again.)

In the meantime, I’m going to open up the floodgates and share some stories as they come to me.

You’re OK hearing about the latest interview on NPR, right?


  1. I won't lie...I'm not a fan of NPR...but I am a fan of you and your writing! :) I probably need to commit your blogs on Sabbath to memory (don't tell anyone but people in ministry don't know how to do Sabbath) but I enjoy polly pocket stories like nobody's business. Keep the funny coming, sister. :)

  2. How do I say this without sounding shallow... I've been reading along and loving your Sabbath series, but I'm ready for a good old fashioned Love Well belly laugh! You, friend, make me laugh hard. I'm glad you addressed this, because I was worried you'd shake, shake, shaken all your sillies out permanently.

    (But do know that your Sabbath posts? Good stuff, sister.)

  3. I am more convinced than ever that if we lived out life in 3D together, we would be absolutely inseparable. I feel this way about SortaCrunchy so often - that it comes off as WAY more somber than I am in real life. I use funny voices and sign-song my words a lot. I laugh until I cry over Modern Family. I make inappropriate That's What She Said jokes just about every day. But all of that doesn't make it to the keyboard somehow.


    I relate to this x100 and I just want to say I love everything you write - serious or silly.


  4. Aren't you glad that we can write whatever we want on our blogs? That there is no teacher standing by with a big ruler making sure we complete our assignments?

    I love both of your sides Kelly - serious and silly.

  5. I started reading when you were talking about double fisting Chick-fil-A. So yeah, I'm a fan of the funny. Bring it on!

  6. I love that you wrote this........it's so true. I love following my "deep" blogs and I love my not so deep but HILARIOUS, FUN, MAKE ME LAUGH MY BUTT OFF blogs. They all inspire me. They inspire me to write and relate and have fun and think and become more like Jesus while living out this amazing life He has given me. Thanks for saying it out loud.

    A belly laugh kind of post:


  7. I like all of your writing. No one said you had to write your 31 days consecutively. ;)

  8. I loved this today! perfect! I think maybe I needed some permission too!

  9. Serious or goofy, you inspire me! You are blessed with the gifts of writing and story telling. I'm grateful you share them with us!

    Looking forward to reading your next post!


  10. I just love you, my friend. (And you DO make me laugh!!) :-)

    Sone....your 'long-lost friend'

  11. Oh my gosh, you sound so much like my husband! ;) Except maybe for the puffy hearts part...