Unintended Sabbath - 31 Days of Sabbath : 12

I just fell asleep in Teyla's bed.

It's the involuntary consequence of lying down next to a clean, cuddly three-year-old in a darkened room after a triple reading of Apple Trouble at the tail end of an exhausting day.

I thought I was snuggling. Turns out, I was celebrating an unintended Sabbath. Instead of fighting the tiredness, I gave in to it and let it to overtake me like a oceanic tide. I sighed and wrapped my arms around Teyla's frame and I slept. (For at least a few minutes.)

Almost every Sabbath book I've read this past year has a story like this one from Wayne Muller.
When I gather with friends and colleagues for Sabbath retreats, those courageous few who manage to carve out a day or a weekend for quiet reflection often arrive thoroughly exhausted. By the afternoon, some inevitably fall asleep right in the middle of our meditations. When they awaken they quickly apologize for their spiritual transgressions; they feel ashamed and embarrassed. I reassure them it is good when they sleep. It is a sign of trust, that they feel safe enough finally to let go and surrender to their weariness.
Allowing myself to admit I'm tired, feeling the ache in my bones and my feet, thanking God for a warm bed and even the tasks that created my weariness - these are echoes of Sabbath rest.

When was the last time you consciously chose to let yourself sleep, even when you had other things to do?


  1. lol many a time I do just that! sigh and yes I used to feel bad about doing it but not anymore. IF I am tired I sleep. Sometimes my nearly 3 yr old doesn't want to nap and if I am tired I tell him that I will lie down on the bad to rest and he lets me for a few minutes doze of and that is sheer bliss :)

  2. 2 days ago. I was sitting on the couch, 2 year old was napping, 3 year old playing with trains and tracks right by me. It had been a restless night and I was exhausted. I had plenty of cleaning and tasks to accomplish.

    BUT I forgot all that and took a 20 minute catnap. It energized me for the rest of the evening, which ended up being crazy.

  3. Heh. Like every other day. When I realize I've played the 12th game of Mahjong or Minesweeper and I will get NOTHING done unless I take a nap. Consequences of having a preschooler, toddler, and being pregnant again... :)