Misunderstood - 31 Days of Sabbath : 7

You know what's hard about Sabbath?

Other people might think you are lazy.

They might think you are taking the easy way out when you say, "I'm sorry. I can't do this anymore. I need to rest." They might think you are un-American for not always being busy. They might believe you are looking for ways to shift responsibility. They might judge your motives or your passion or your priorities.

Ironically, the best way to free yourself from the chains of external approval is to celebrate Sabbath. For there, you find your way back to God's heart. And once again, His blessing is all that matters.

To that end, I am now going to turn off the computer and rest. Even if you think I'm being careless.

This is scary.

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  1. Oh yes. This is another way we measure success (see my comments on yesterday's post, which I just read. Why yes I am way behind on my blog reading!) in our society--busyness. So much that I, someone on support, has to quantify how much time I spend with people, when really it is sometimes so intense that really the time can not be measured in hours and minutes, but instead in heartbeats and tears. But some people don't understand that. Numbers on a page--that can be understood.